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Wine, brandy, chacha

Model: U108059
The wine attracts the eye with a vigorous and stable play of thin streams of gas, it is remembered for its beautiful brilliance and refined color shade of light gold. The delicate and delicate aroma surprises with a skillful interweaving of fresh fruit nuances and aging tones, a harmonious combinati...
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Georgian Qvevri orange dry wine Abdushelishvili Chinuri 2019
Model: M202203
This natural wine is made in Qvevri by skin maceration for 6 months from Chinuri grapes harvested in Kakheti. Characterized by a light orange color. Notes of aromas of white fruits and green apples are pronounced. The wine is refined and harmonious with a smooth finish. From a professional Qvevri ju...
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Orange dry wine 8millennium Kisi
Model: M202026
Country: GeorgiaColor: orangeSugar: dryVolume: 0.75Grapes: KisiManufacturer: 8millenniumRegion: KakhetiStylistics: This natural orange dry wine is made from Kisi grapes, has a light amber color and aromas of ripe peaches and tropical fruits. It has an invigorating balanced acidity and well developed...
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Model: U105839
Ingredients: Dry table white and red wine materials, fermented grape must.The wine attracts attention with its very beautiful pink color with a ruby sheen and a steady play of bubbles. Delicate and fresh aroma is filled with tones of forest red berries, raspberries and strawberries.The full and silk...
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Georgian red dry wine Kolkha Saperavi Rose
Model: 4860008891507
Country: GeorgiaColor: redSugar: dryVolume: 0.75Grapes: SaperaviManufacturer: KolkhaRegion: KakhetiStylistics: The wine is made from the main red variety of Georgia - Saperavi grape. The vineyard is located in the Kakheti region of Eastern Georgia at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level.T...
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Georgian dry white wine Winiveria Tsitska tsolikouri Krakhuna
Model: 4860100870226
Country: GeorgiaColour: WhiteSugar: DryVolume: 0.75Grapes: Tsitska, Tsolikouri, KrakhunaManufacturer: WiniveriaRegion: KakhetiStyling: beautiful fresh, dry white wine made from 3 grape varieties, goes well with chicken, salad, cheeses...
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Georgian Qvevri Orange Wine 8millennium Mtsvane
Model: M202202
Country: GeorgiaVolume: 0.75Grapes: MtsvaneServing temperature: 12°C – 14°CManufacturer: EthnoRegion: KakhetiTotal Sulphites: 32mg/lStylistics: Made from Mtsvane grapes, this natural biodynamic orange wine is distinguished by its light amber color and aromas of ripe white fruits, peaches and tropica...
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Model: 4860100870028
Winiveria Khikhvi U.V. on Vivino...
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Georgian dry white wine Kakhuri Gvinis Marani Rkatsiteli 2017
Model: 4860101020187
Country: GeorgiaVolume: 0.75Grapes: RkatsiteliServing temperature: 10°C – 12°CManufacturer: Kakhuri Gvinis MaraniRegion: KakhetiThe wine is made according to the classical technology from Rkatsiteli grapes grown in the Kakheti region. The wine has a light straw color and has an original delicate fru...
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Model: U108060
Composition: Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Pinot fran.Pink brut from the Victor Dravigny collection, created from an assemblage of renowned international varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Franc.Awards: International Wine Challenge Commended, IWSC BronzeThe sparkling wine has a rare beauty salmon sh...
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Georgian orange dry Qvevri wine Dano’s winery Rkatsiteli 2019
Model: 4869002026236
Country: GeorgiaVolume: 0.75Grapes: RkatsiteliServing temperature: 12°C – 14°CManufacturer: Dano’s winery  Region: KakhetiThe Dano winery has a 1 hectare vineyard. Their main variety is Rkatsiteli, but there are also Kakhuri Mtsvane, Buera, Saperavi, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon. Old Geo...
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Model: M202012
Dark red wine of dark ruby colour from the Qvevri-line, perfectly conveys the varietal aromas of selected Saperavi grape varieties! It is characterised by well-aged varietal aroma, tones of ripe cherries, plums and dried fruits. The taste is full, the finish is long, velvety....
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