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Wine, brandy, chacha

Model: Nash_80415
Country: GeorgiaVolume: 0.75Grapes: Saperavi Serving temperature: 16–18°СManufacturer: Koncho Region: KakhetiStylistics: The wine is deep ruby in color, the aroma is dominated by wild berries, dried fruits and black currants, complemented by vanilla and clove tones. The taste is round, bal...
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Model: ASR-003
Country: GeorgiaColor: redSugar: dryVolume: 0.75Grapes: SaperaviManufacturer: AskaneliRegion: KakhetiSaperavi Premium is made from the legendary Saperavi grape variety, collected in the vineyards of Kakheti. Rich and powerful aromas and graceful, irresistible tones give Askaneli wine luxury and...
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Model: SWA520221
Vivino: MoldovaVolume: 0.75Grape variety: Rare blackServing temperature: 18 degrees.Manufacturer: NovakRegion: CahulGenerous and soft wine. The aroma contains very ripe plums, berries and spices. Slightly smoky, not heavy, t...
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Model: SWA161120
Koncho Saperavi on VivinoCountry: GeorgiaVolume: 0.75Grapes: SaperaviServing temperature: 16–18°СManufacturer: Koncho Region: KakhetiTotal Sulphites:Stylistics: "Koncho and Co" Saperavi is a complex and multifaceted dry red wine. It is created from grapes grown on vines that are at least 65 years ol...
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Model: U105993
Alcohol 11.5%...
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Model: SWA121119
Country: GeorgiaVolume: 0.75Grapes: Rkatsiteli 80%, Mtsvane 20%Serving temperature: 10-12°CManufacturer: Telavi Region: KakhetiTotal Sulphites:Stylistics: Color: The wine has a deep bright yellow colorTaste: The wine has a full-bodied, complex and rounded taste with banana and tropical fruits in the...
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Model: SWA370122
Timbrus Purcari Estate Viorica U.V. on VivinoCountry: MoldovaColor: whiteSugar: DryVolume: 0.75Grapes: VioricaManufacturer: Timbrus Purcari EstateRegion: Stefan VodaStylistics: Fresh, very aromatic white wine from the autochthonous (unique, growing only in the area) Viorica grape variety. In the aro...
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Model: KGM-rose-saperavi
Country: GeorgiaVolume: 0.75Grapes: SaperaviServing temperature: 8°CManufacturer: Kakhuri Gvinis MaraniRegion: KakhetiTotal Sulphites:Stylistics: powerful taste, and a wonderful balance between a fresh acidity and some fruity notesThis delicious KGM Saperavi Rosé is made from the Saperavi grape. The...
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Model: U105840-1
Volume: 0.75Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cyrah, Pinot NoirServing temperature: 9-11ºCManufacturer: Abrau-DursoRegion: Abrau-DursoTotal Sulphites:Stylistics: A rare wine of deep, intense ruby color, enlivened by scarlet highlights and persistent mousse.The taste is memorable, berry, with a vel...
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Model: SWA100720
Tbilvino Alazani Valley Red Semi Sweet (ალაზნის ველი წითელი ნახევრად ტკბილი) U.V. on VivinoCountry: GeorgiaVolume: 0.75Grapes: RkatsiteliManufacturer: TbilvinoRegion: Kakheti...
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Model: SWA121021
Country: GeorgiaVolume: 0.75Grapes: SaperaviServing temperature:Manufacturer: Telavi Marani Wine CellarRegion: KakhetiTotal Sulphites:Stylistics: "Marani" Saperavi is a classic Georgian dry wine made from Saperavi grapes. The berries harvested during the period of maximum ripeness are subjected to s...
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Model: Nash_80404
Country: GeorgiaColor: redSugar: dryVolume: 0.75Grapes: SaperaviManufacturer: Georgian Royal WineRegion: KakhetiServing temperature: 16-18gr.Color: dark rubyFood pairing: meats and cheesesThis wine was aged in old oak barrels. Usually this method is applied to wines from the Mukuzani microzone, whic...
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