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Fillet of wild Kamchatka pink salmon Ikroff, dried smoked, 50g
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Model: 11239
Fillet of wild Kamchatka pink salmon Ikroff, dried smoked...
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Model: 15141
Cod roe is a unique natural source of calcium, potassium, and zinc. In terms of its most valuable nutritional properties, cod roe is not inferior to red and black caviar, but is much cheaper. Contains virtually no carbohydrates, rich in proteins, Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, and antioxidants...
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Nasha Baltika sprat fillet, spicy salted in oil, 160g
Model: 08013
Sprat contains healthy fats, iodine, vitamins B1 and B2, sodium, and phosphorus. It is good for the immune system, the general body, and bone tissue....
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Model: IB10709
Astrakhan bream Russian Coast dried...
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Model: 11163
Dried salty snack Octopus golden bream filletCountry: Germany...
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Herring fillet-pieces Bremor "Under a fur coat" in oil, 400g
Model: 08070
Herring fillet-pieces Bremor "Under a fur coat" in oil...
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Model: 11236
Dry salty anchovy snack Ikroff...
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Model: U108126
ingredients: smelt (Osmerus esperianus), salt...
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Sun-dried roach Kaluri, 200g
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Model: U108128
ingredients: roach (Rutilus rutilus), salt...
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Model: U100022
Frozen soup set Sib Fisch...
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Model: Nash_80400
This fish is a storehouse of nutrients and trace elements. It is rich in iodine, lithium, fluorine, bromine and iron. According to scientists, regularly eating gilthead meat can prevent thyroid diseases.A lot of fish and magnesium with phosphorus. At the same time, all minerals are so well balanced ...
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Roach Russkiy Bereg Astrakhan dried, salted, unpeeled, about 200 g
Model: IB10708
Roach contains a large amount of a very important mineral for health - chromium. 100 gr. roach contains 110% of the daily value of chromium. And chromium, in addition to many other functions in the body, performs one very important job. It facilitates the penetration of glucose into cells throu...
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