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Fish and seafood

Forshmak Captain "Odessa style", 220g
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Model: U108186
Forshmak is translated from German as "appetizer". In German and Scandinavian cuisine, this is a dish made from minced meat or herring, which is then baked. Preparing forshmak can use a wide variety of ingredients - from chicken and lamb, to mushrooms and cottage cheese. Therefore, the question of h...
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Sun-dried roach, gutted (2 pcs.)
Model: 11107
Ingredients: roach, saltShelf life: 60 daysEnergy: 110kcalFat: 1.5%, including saturated amino acids: 0.4%Carbohydrates: less than 0.5%, incl. sugar: less than 0.5%Protein: 24%Salts: 5%Country of Origin: Lithuania...
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Cold smoked salmon fillet "King", 300g
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Model: 10156
Ingredients: salmon, salt, acidity regulators: E262, E260. smoke. Grown in aquaculture in Norway. Packed in a protective atmosphere.Shelf life: 21 daysEnergy value: 176 kcalFat - 9.3%Saturated fat-1,3%Carbohydrates - <0.5%Sugar - <0.5%Salt-4.6%A country: Netherlands...
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Herring fillet "For potatoes", 240g
Model: 8136
Composition: Herring 79%, Canola Oil, Salt, Acid Regulators: Citronic Acid, E575, E334, Flavor Enhancers: E621, Preservatives: E211, E202, Dextrose.Shelf life: 60 daysEnergy value: 174 kcalFat - 13.8%Saturated fat-2.7%Carbohydrates-0.5%Sugar-0.4%Salt-5.5%Country: Germany...
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Slices of Herring "To Potatoes", 200g
Model: 8135
Weight: 200gIngredients: herring 75%, rapeseed oil, salt, acidity regulators: citric acid, E575, E334, flavor enhancer: E621, preservatives: E211, E202, dextroseShelf life: 60 daysEnergy: 174kcalFat: 13.8%, including saturated amino acids: 2.7%Carbohydrate: 0.5%, incl. sugar: 0.4%Protein: 11.6%Salt:...
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Model: Nash_80103
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Mackerel fillet, steamed, 1kg
Model: Nash_80099
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Model: Nash_80019
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