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Fish and seafood

Dried salted sabrefish, two pieces, about 150g
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Model: 11005
Despite its external harmony and fragility, dried sabrefish has an excellent fat content. It is often used not only as an addition to beer, but also as a full-fledged independent dish....
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Dry salty anchovy snack Ikroff, 36g
Model: 11236
Dry salty anchovy snack Ikroff...
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Herring Nasha Baltika spicy salted whole, 450g
Model: 08012
Salaka is very useful, like any fish, and even more so fish from the northern seas and quite oily. It contains many vitamins, for example, vitamin C, E, a rare but important vitamin B12, and there are also other B vitamins. Salak contains potassium, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, fluorine, ...
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Whole  smoked gutted bream, 500-550g
Model: U110084
Whole smoked gutted bream...
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Model: Nash_80400
This fish is a storehouse of nutrients and trace elements. It is rich in iodine, lithium, fluorine, bromine and iron. According to scientists, regularly eating gilthead meat can prevent thyroid diseases.A lot of fish and magnesium with phosphorus. At the same time, all minerals are so well balanced ...
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Herring fillet-pieces Bremor "Under a fur coat" in oil, 400g
Model: 08070
Herring fillet-pieces Bremor "Under a fur coat" in oil...
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Model: 07001
Carp meat is very rich in valuable minerals and vitamins: it contains vitamins PP and B12, iodine, cobalt, phosphorus, zinc and chromium...
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Model: U108126
ingredients: smelt (Osmerus esperianus), salt...
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Model: U108128
ingredients: roach (Rutilus rutilus), salt...
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Model: 10114
Шпроты холодного копчения. Поймано в Северо-Восточной Атлантике...
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Model: H1183
Salmon is an excellent source of protein (in 100 g of fish - a half-day norm). It contains a large amount of phosphorus, iodine, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, fluorine, as well as acid-3....
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