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Beer, kvass, juices, tea

Ukrainian kvass Carlsberg "Taras bread", 0.5l
Model: 60036
Ingredients: Drinking water, glucose-fructose syrup, barley, rye malt, light barley malt, kvass wort concentrate, yeast....
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LIDSKAE classic light beer 5.2% alc., 1.5l
Model: U103163
A traditional variety with a slightly recognizable bitterness. The technology of the brewers of Western Belarus, who adopted the golden rule of beer preparation from the Germans: we use only water, hops, malt and no other ingredients. "LIDSKAE Classic" - winner of two stars Superior Taste Award-2015...
Ex Tax:3.71€
LIDSKAE Zhigulevskoe light beer 5.2% alc., 2l
Model: U111235
“Zhigulevskoye” is a famous Soviet variety, synonymous with the word “beer” in the USSR. In 2020, Zhigulevskoye from Lida Beer celebrates its 80th anniversary. The recipe for this beer has remained unchanged since 1940, when the most common variety was first brewed at the plant....
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Model: U108135
The refined bouquet of Chinese green tea reveals the sweet note of fragrant raspberry and the rich taste of pomegranate. The pomegranate is a medieval symbol of fidelity and virtue. This tea will give you a moment of joy at any time of the day. Green tea with raspberry and pomegranate pieces. Dispos...
Ex Tax:3.20€
Model: U111115
Greenfield Revival Blend’s unique combination of light sage spice and the bright freshness of eucalyptus makes this natural composition unique....
Ex Tax:3.39€
Green tea Tess "Flirt" with strawberry and white peach flavor in 25 bags of 1.5 g
Model: 58296
The expressive and very delicate composition of this tea contains a whole range of various flavor notes. The light astringency of green tea is softened by the fresh juicy taste of white peach and a subtle natural strawberry note....
Ex Tax:2.74€
Greenfield tea "Barberry garden" 25 sachets, 1.5g each
Model: 58292
Bright and tender flavour of Greenfield Barberry Garden is woven of noble Indian tea power, barberry sour and sweet notes and delicate hibiscus flavour....
Ex Tax:2.47€
Model: U109945
Ingredients: cranberry juice, cranberry puree, sugar, acidity regulator citric acid, natural cranberry flavor, prepared drinking water....
Ex Tax:2.74€
Model: 60032
Kvass Taras White is a Ukrainian kvass brewed from natural ingredients. Kvass White has a soft, refreshing and slightly tart taste. The wheat and barley used in the production give this kvass a pale color. Kvass "Taras Bely" perfectly quenches thirst on a hot day, and is also suitable for accompanyi...
Ex Tax:2.74€
Model: U103074
Ingredients: water prepared from an artesian well, sugar, light kvass wort concentrate, yeast, acidity regulator citric acid, acacia extract....
Ex Tax:3.66€
Model: 58310
Черный цейлонский чай Майский "Новогодний шар. Радости Зимы"...
Ex Tax:4.44€
Model: 58256
Black Ceylon loose leaf tea with cherry and sweet cherry pieces, lemon verbena and cornflower petals...
Ex Tax:3.66€
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