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Beer, kvass and other drinks

Model: 64945
Composition: Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Hops Extracts.Shelf life: 180 daysEnergy value: 40 kcalCountry: Germany...
Ex Tax:1.28€
Model: 62009
Ingredients: Birch juice 92%, sugar, lemon juice concentrate 0.5%.Shelf life: 360 days. Store in a dry place, protect from lightEnergy value: 36 kcalCarbohydrates-9%Sugar-8.3%Country: Belarus...
Ex Tax:1.92€
Model: 60268
Ingredients: water, sugar 12.4g, citric citric acid, E131, E102 dye, E211 preservative, Tartrazin flavoringEnergy: 50kkalCarbohydrate 12.4gSalt: 20mgCountry of Origin: Georgia...
Ex Tax:1.28€
Model: 60272
Shelf life: 365 daysCountry: Russia...
Ex Tax:1.37€
Model: 60260
Composition: Water, Sugar, Acidifier Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Preservative E211, Flavor.Shelf life: 270 daysEnergy value: 50 kcalCarbohydrates-12.4%Sugar - 12.4%Salt-0.02%Country: Georgia...
Ex Tax:1.09€
Model: 60217
Composition: Water, sugar, acidifier: Citric acid, main substance (fermented rye malt, rye malt, rye, sugar, yeast), flavor, color: E150d, preservative: sodium benzoate, carbon dioxide.Shelf life: 180 days in a cool and dry place.Energy value: 30 kcalCarbohydrates-7.8%Sugar - 7.8%Country: Ukraine...
Ex Tax:1.83€
Model: 60004
Composition: Water, Sugar, Barley Malt Extract (1.9%), Rye Malt Extract (0.6%), Acidifiers: E270, E330, Carbon Dioxide, Yeast, Antioxidant E300.Shelf life: 150 daysEnergy value: 37 kcalCarbohydrates-8.6%Sugar-5,6%country of Latvia...
Ex Tax:2.19€
Model: 60374
Shelf life: 270 daysCountry: Germany...
Ex Tax:0.69€
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