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Beer Baltika No. 7 "Smooth", 440ml
Model: Nash_80340
Ease of drinking and mild flavor is achieved through multi-level filtration, which creates a flavor that will appeal to many connoisseurs of light lager. Spicy floral-hop aroma and pleasant aftertaste without pronounced bitterness distinguish the taste favorably from other brands of light beer....
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Babcia Magdalena Cherry compote, 720ml
Model: 61908
Ingredients: cherry, water, sugar....
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Georgian quince compote, 1l
Model: U107173
Quince compote strengthens the body, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent....
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Pfanner wild berry tea drink, 2l
Model: 60939
Hermann Pfanner Getränke GmbH was founded in 1856 and is still wholly owned by the family. While it takes a little longer to brew fresh tea, it is the most natural way to make tea and the tastiest way to enjoy it! When brewed, dried or fermented tea leaves are immersed in boiling water and left to i...
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Babcia Magdalena strawberry compote, 720ml
Model: 61906
Strawberry compote is a storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants. It has a cleansing effect and is ideal as a tonic drink, especially when cold.If we look at the composition of the berry, we will see what it contains per 100 grams:153 mg potassium;24 mg phosphorus;42 kcal.In addition, the pulp contai...
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Apple-apricot juice Vkusvill, 3l
Model: Nash_80334
Ingredients: apple juice, apricot puree. Contains naturally occurring sugars...
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Model: 64411
The Baltika Cooler Light variety has an original refreshing taste, and a special cold filtration technology used in its production helps to remove pronounced bitterness from beer and make its taste softer. A distinctive feature of this variety is also the use of unique yeast specially developed by t...
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Model: 2100100054953
Fruit drink is made from cranberries, red currants, blackberries, black currants, chokeberry, water and sugar.From berries harvested in the forests of Russia.Fruit drinks are made by hand. Pasteurization at temperatures up to 80 degrees allows you to preserve the rich taste and aroma of berries. Fru...
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