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Soda, lemonade, kvass

Kvass "Lidsky" dark, 1.5l
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Ingredients: water, sugar 12.4g, citric citric acid, E131, E102 dye, E211 preservative, Tartrazin flavoringEnergy: 50kkalCarbohydrate 12.4gSalt: 20mgCountry of Origin: Georgia...
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Kvass Ochakovsky is a dark double fermentation kvass with a sweet and sour taste and aroma of rye bread crust. Kvass is made from natural ingredients, it perfectly refreshes, gives strength and quenches thirst. The secret leaven, which is part of the Ochakovsky kvass recipe, was prepared according t...
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Kvass has been considered one of the healthiest beverages for more than eleven centuries. Made using the best traditions, naturally fermented Ulmaņlaiku kvass (Ulmanis era kvass) combines exceptional quality with the delicious flavour of rye bread. Kvass contains 0.5 % alcohol/vol., created through ...
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