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Groats, noodles, seeds, nuts

Bran Ogo! rye Borodino, 200g
Model: U104013
Ingredients: rye bran, peeled rye flour, 2 grade baking wheat flour, fermented rye malt, food salt, coriander...
Ex Tax:1.83€
Roasted sunflower seeds with sea salt Monarch, 300g
Model: U109503
Roasted sunflower seeds with sea salt Monarch...
Ex Tax:2.74€
Model: 56903
Семена подсолнечника, очищенные...
Ex Tax:1.37€
Model: 56037
Weight 200gShelf life: 180 daysEnergy: 654kcalFat: 57.5%, including saturated amino acids 6.5%Carbohydrates: 3.7%, incl. sugar 1.9%Protein: 26.6%Salt: 0.0025%Country of Origin: Russia...
Ex Tax:4.51€
Model: 56911
Energy value (kJ / kcal): 1053/250Fat: 0.6 gSaturated fatty acids: 0.1 gCarbohydrates: 47 gOf which sugar: 41 gFiber: 18gProteins: 2.3 gSalt: 0 g...
Ex Tax:2.88€
Model: 56312
Shelf life: 540 days in a dry and cool place.Energy: 341 kcalFat: 1%Carbohydrate: 78%Protein: 10%Salts: less than 0.01%Country of Origin: Russia...
Ex Tax:2.23€
Model: 56915
Energy value (kJ / kcal): 1408/332Fat: 1.5 gSaturated fatty acids: 0.5 gCarbohydrates: 75 gOf which sugar: 75 gFiber: 2.7gProteins: 3.3 gSalt: 0.05 g...
Ex Tax:2.48€
Model: 56035
Weight 200gIngredients: 95% sunflower seeds, sea saltShelf life: 180 daysCountry of Origin: Russia...
Ex Tax:3.12€
Model: 73250
Ingredients: Oatmeal 65%, sugar, dried raspberry slices 4.9%, vegetable cream analogues (glucose syrup, vegetable oil, milk protein, emulsifier e 471, stabilizer E341), table salt, flavoring.Shelf life: 180 daysCountry: Ukraine...
Ex Tax:2.51€
Model: U101720
Pearl barley is a peeled grain of barley. For those who love barley, the lack of vitamins does not threaten, because it contains almost all the necessary set of nutrients. Perlovka is a champion in phosphorus content. This trace element is necessary for normal metabolism, as well as the formation of...
Ex Tax:2.58€
Red lentils, 500g
Coming soon
Model: 56602
Shelf life: 400 daysEnergy: 345kcalFat: 2.2%, including saturated amino acids: 0.4%Carbohydrate: 60.2%Protein: 25%Country of Origin: Germany...
Ex Tax:2.31€
Model: 56139
Ex Tax:1.96€
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