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Groats, noodles, seeds, nuts

Model: 73912
Ingredients: wheat flour 78%, palm oil, salt, sugar, flavor enhancers: E621, E635, E640, spices, flavor (celery), acidity regulators: E500, E501, E451, soy sauce powder (soy, salt, malt extract (barley), wheat, yeast extract, palm oil), thickener: E466, dried onion, dye: E150a, isolated vegetable pr...
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Model: 56903
Семена подсолнечника, очищенные...
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Model: 56900
Ingredients: pistachios, saltShelf life: 540 days...
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Thai instant noodles with chicken flavor, 90g
Model: 73927
Mama is a Thai instant noodle brand that comes in a variety of flavors. Instant noodles are eaten every day by many, especially in Asia, and are very popular for their delicious taste and quick and easy preparation. Mama Instant Chicken Noodles are one of the most popular flavors in Thailand. These ...
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Dried pitted plums Alvo, 150g
Model: 56911
Energy value (kJ / kcal): 1053/250Fat: 0.6 gSaturated fatty acids: 0.1 gCarbohydrates: 47 gOf which sugar: 41 gFiber: 18gProteins: 2.3 gSalt: 0 g...
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Peanuts "Tambov wolf" natural roasted, 250g
Model: 56059
Nutritional value of the product:31% - proteins51% fat9.2% - carbohydrates620 kcal...
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Model: 56139
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Model: 56160
Weight: 400gShelf life: 360 daysCountry of Origin: Lithuania...
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Model: 56106
Weight: 800gMay contain gluten.Shelf life: 600 daysEnergy: 381kcalFat: 3.4%, including saturated amino acids: 0.67%Carbohydrates 75.2%, including sugar: 0.67%Protein: 12.3%Salts: less than 0.01%Country of Origin: Russia...
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Model: Nash_80292
Unsteamed buckwheat, unlike the usual brown buckwheat, does not undergo heat treatment. Therefore, its grains remain in their natural green color. Its taste is milder in comparison with brown, and in cooking it is used to prepare cereals, side dishes, various main courses and even salads and snacks....
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