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Groats, noodles, seeds, nuts

Model: Nash_80292
Unsteamed buckwheat, unlike the usual brown buckwheat, does not undergo heat treatment. Therefore, its grains remain in their natural green color. Its taste is milder in comparison with brown, and in cooking it is used to prepare cereals, side dishes, various main courses and even salads and snacks....
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Model: 56602
Shelf life: 400 daysEnergy: 345kcalFat: 2.2%, including saturated amino acids: 0.4%Carbohydrate: 60.2%Protein: 25%Country of Origin: Germany...
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Model: 56028
Weight 500gShelf life: 270 daysEnergy: 673 kcalFat: 63.7%, including saturated amino acids 7.6%Carbohydrates: 3.1%, incl. sugar 3.1%Protein: 21.8%Salt: 0.0025%Country of Origin: Russia...
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Model: 56112
Ingredients: barley flakes 21%, wheat flakes 21%, oat flakes 21%, millet flakes 15%, buckwheat flakes 12%, rye flakes 10%.Shelf life: 360 daysEnergy value: 371 kcalFat - 3%Saturated fat-0.6%Carbohydrates-75%Sugar-0.7%country Russia...
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Model: SZ-00000142
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Model: 73002
Porridge oatmeal STRAWBERRY WITH CREAM 410g...
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Model: 56319
Weight 400gShelf life: 600 daysEnergy: 358kcalFat: 2%, incl. saturated amino acids: 1%Carbohydrates: 72%, incl. sugar: less than 0.5%Protein: 13%Salts: less than 0.01%Country of Origin: Russia...
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