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Model: 42042
Икра баклажанная домашняя острая...
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Model: 33202
Ingredients: pork 90.6%, water, pork fat, salt, onion, white pepper. May contain traces of soy, gluten, milk, celery and mustard.Shelf life: 1080 daysEnergy value: 287 kcalFat - 25%Saturated fat - 10%Carbohydrates-0.5%Salt - 2.1%Country: Poland...
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Model: 51235
Ingredients: Cucumbers, sugar, wine vinegar, dill, salt, spices (contains mustard), acidifiers: Citron acid, flavoring.Shelf life: 1080 daysCountry: Poland...
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Model: 50205
Weight 840gIngredients: milk-fermented green tomatoesShelf life: 360 daysCountry of Origin: Poland...
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Model: 33200
Ingredients: Pork 51%, pork fat, Water, Salt, pork gelatin, onion, spices (contains mustard). May contain traces of soy, gluten-containing cereals, milk and celery.Shelf life: 1095 daysEnergy value: 395 kcalFat - 40%Saturated fat - 16%Carbohydrates-0.2%Salt-1,8%Country: Poland...
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Model: 8039
Composition: Seaweed (Laminaria japonica) 80.0%, drinking water, sugar, salt, acidifier: acetic acid, canola oil, spices, preservatives: E211, E202, sweeteners: saccharin.Shelf life: 120 daysCountry: Germany...
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Model: 50007
Volume 720 mlIngredients: cherry tomatoes, sugar, spices, salt, onions, acetic acid, vinegar, garlicShelf life: 810 daysCountry of origin: Ukraine...
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Model: 51237
Weight 860gIngredients: cucumbers, sugar, brandy, vinegar, dill 1.5%, salt, spices (contains mustard), acidifier: citric acid, flavorExpiration date: 1080 daysCountry of Origin: Poland...
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Model: 50106
Ingredients: green tomatoes, salt, garlic, dill, preservative E202, potassium Iodate.Shelf life: 730 daysEnergy value: 33 kcalFat - <0.5%Saturated fat - <0.1%Carbohydrates-6.9%Sugar - 5.1%Salt-1,4%Country: Macedonia...
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