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Other canned vegetables, berries and cereals

Model: U101238
Vitamins in ratatouille strengthen the immune system, nervous system, improve reproductive function, absorption of minerals. Ratatouille, included in the diet on a regular basis, strengthens the vascular wall, maintains visual acuity, reduces the risk of developing cataracts, stimulates collagen pro...
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Lutenica Leis, 540
Model: U104293
Lutenitsa is one of the most popular vegetable preparations in Bulgaria. This is something between a sauce and a salad, i.e. about what we call vegetable caviar. Only the main ingredient of this preparation is not zucchini or eggplant, but red bell pepper....
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Model: U104047
Ukrainian mushroom spread Veres contains pieces of mushrooms. Therefore, it has become a favorite ingredient in homemade spring rolls, pie fillings, and vegetable fillings....
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Model: U104287
Eggplant fried in adjika Leis...
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Model: 48112
Pitted green olives Maslinoff...
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Model: 42102
Eggplant spread Armenjan with prunes...
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Model: 56205
Dried dried apricots Frukta, pitted...
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Model: 37963
Preservation allows you to save almost all the nutrients and vitamins in green peas. The vegetable is successfully used to prevent the development of kidney and liver diseases, as a prophylactic against beriberi.Green peas contain a large amount of vegetable protein, which is almost completely absor...
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Model: 37141
Grape leaves Armenjan...
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Model: 35061
Ingredients: potatoes, carrots, pickled cucumbers (cucumber, water, salt, spices, dill, garlic, acidity regulator: acetic acid), green peas, onions, salt, sugar, black pepper, acidity regulator: acetic acid....
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