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Model: C218
Energy value: 1226 kJ / 290 kcal.100 g of product contains:4.1 g fat, saturated fatty acids 0.5 gcarbohydrates 53.8 g6.5 g sugarfiber 3.5 g7.8 g proteinsalt 1.0 gCountry of Origin: Latvia...
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Model: C215
Ingredients: rye flour (40%), drinking water, wheat flour, red rye malt (2.9%), white rye malt (1.6%), sugar, barley malt extract, bread improver (thickener: guar gum, emulsifiers : E482, E472e enzymes), pressed yeast, caraway seeds, salt (1%), wheat bran.Energy value: 1015 kJ / 240 kcal.100 g of pr...
Ex Tax:2.74€
Model: C209
Rokiškio Kefir Baton by Laš duona will appeal to those who are looking for extremely soft, airy bread with a slightly salty, kefir flavor. If you are looking for a high-calorie loaf, it is perfect for you.The energy value of this bread is 325kcal / 100g. It is not only ideal for breakfast with sandw...
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Model: S061
Ingredients: potatoes 61%, sunflower oil, a mixture of spices (salt, powdered milk 17%, onion powder 15%, dextrose, sugar, milk powder 7%, spices, cheese powder, garlic powder, yeast extract, herbs, citric acid, extract rosemary).100 g of product contains:Energy value 2207 kJ / 529 kcalFat 32 g, of ...
Ex Tax:1.92€
Model: SM1317
Ingredients: rye flour (53.7%), water, natural yeast (rye flour, water), sugar, rye malt, bread yeast, salt, malt extract (barley malt, barley), wheat gluten, cumin.Energy value: 1048 kJ / 248 kcal.per 100g:fats 1.3 g, of which saturated fats 0.1 gcarbohydrates 50.0 g, including sugars 9.8 gfiber 6....
Ex Tax:2.74€
Model: SM1311
Ingredients: rye flour (39.2%), water, wheat flour (15.9%), natural yeast (rye flour, water), sugar, rye malt, cumin, bread yeast, salt, malt extract (barley malt, barley )Energy value: 1071 kJ / 252 kcal100g of product:Fat 1.5 g, of which saturated fat 0.19 gcarbohydrates 53.8 g, of which sugars 4....
Ex Tax:1.83€
Model: SM1416
Ingredients: rye flour, water, sugar, hemp seeds (7%), sesame seeds, rye malt, malt extract (barley, barley extract), yeast, salt, cuminEnergy value: 1714 kJ / 407 kcalPer 100g of product:fat: 7.39 g, of which saturated amino acids: 0.7 gcarbohydrates: 72.98 g, of which sugars: 16.7 gfiber: 10.22 gp...
Ex Tax:1.83€
Model: SM6120
Ingredients: rye flour 50%, water, wheat flour 10%, sugar, rye malt 3.5%, refined sugar syrup, salt, yeast, coriander 0.3%.Energy value: 1032 kJ / 244 kcal.100 g of the product contains:fat 0.9 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.1 gcarbohydrates 50 g, including sugars 6.1 gproteins 6.1 gfiber 5.8 g...
Ex Tax:2.28€
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