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Model: 76161
Weight: 50gIngredients: wheat flour, rye flour, palm oil, salt, flavor (contains milk and gluten), flavor enhancer: E621, E631, yeast, spicesShelf life: 365 daysCountry of Origin: Austria...
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Bread sticks with poppy seeds, 250g
Model: U102093
Bread sticks with poppy seeds...
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Rye croutons Mario "Barbecue with smoke", 180g (best before 30.08)
Coming soon
Model: U109188
Rye croutons Mario "Barbecue with smoke"...
Ex Tax:2.28€
Rye croutons Mario "Spicy tomato", 180g (best before 03.09)
Coming soon
Model: U109189
Rye croutons Mario "Spicy tomato"...
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Model: Nash_00933
Rye bread Cannelle "Borodinsky"...
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Model: 32683
Lavash Armenian frozen...
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Model: U107169
When serving ready-made khachapuri, mix cheese, butter and one egg....
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Model: Nash_80347
Cornmeal puffed chips with the addition of ground roasted porphyry algae are a genus of red seaweed. These algae are rich in iodine and vitamin D. For those who like to crunch, but are used to doing it for the benefit of the body, this snack is a great option.Ingredients: corn flour, refined sunflow...
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Model: SM1109
Ingredients: water, rye flour, wheat flour, salt, bread yeast, sugar.Energy value: 799 kJ / 189 kcal.100 g of the product contains:Fat 1.3 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.1 gcarbohydrates 39.9 g, of which sugars 0.96 gprotein 5.7 gfiber 6.24 gsalt 1.15 gMade by: SIA "Saldus Maiznieks", Kuldigas ...
Ex Tax:2.28€
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