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Model: 76104
Sushki Malyutka with poppy seeds...
Ex Tax:1.64€
Lollipop "Cockerel", 25g
Model: U106261
Lollipop "Cockerel"...
Ex Tax:0.91€
Ukrainian cookies Roshen Lovita Classic with glaze pieces, 150g
Model: U110880
Ingredients: glaze pieces 28% [sugar, confectionery fat (hydrogenated palm kernel oil), fat-reduced cocoa powder 13.5%, soy lecithin emulsifier, flavor], wheat flour, margarine (palm oil, emulsifiers) sugar, starch corn, raising agents (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium dihydrogen pyr...
Ex Tax:1.37€
Ukrainian sugar cookies Roshen with baked milk flavor "To coffee", 185g
Model: U102880
ingredients: wheat flour 1/g, margarine (palm oil, soy lecithin emulsifier), sugar, soy lecithin emulsifier, raising agents: E500II, E503II; table salt, "Spun milk" flavoring, acidity regulator E270. May contain dairy products, egg products, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds....
Ex Tax:1.37€
Puffed rice Prepar, 100g
Model: U110549
Rice is a moderately high-calorie product that is easily digested and does not leave heaviness in the stomach. It has little fiber and is completely gluten-free, which is important for allergy sufferers. This feature makes rice an ideal basis for proper nutrition and diets. The vitamin and mineral c...
Ex Tax:1.37€
Ukrainian candies Roshen "Mont Blanc" cream-praline with crushed hazelnuts, 250g
Model: U110103
Ingredients: chocolate 38% [sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa butter equivalent (non-hydrogenated shea butter), emulsifiers (soy lecithin, E476), vanillin flavor], sugar, vegetable fat (non-hydrogenated palm kernels), pallo butter (non-hydrogenated palm oil) , shea butter, illipe butter), fried...
Ex Tax:4.58€
Marshmallow Udarnitsa "Sharmel" classic, 250 g
Model: U102420
Delicate, airy marshmallow glazed with magnificent dark chocolate was created more than half a century ago by the confectioners of the Udarnitsa factory. This light treat is based on natural applesauce, egg white, agar-agar, a unique beneficial substance that is obtained from seaweed. The creamy ran...
Ex Tax:8.25€
Ukrainian cookies Roshen Lovita Soft Cream choco, 127г
Model: U110878
Ingredients: filling 35% [sugar, sunflower oil, confectionery fat (palm oil), low-fat cocoa powder 10%, roasted grated peanut kernels, corn starch, soy lecithin emulsifier, flavoring, flavoring, palm oil, soy emulsifier lecithin), sugar, reduced fat cocoa powder 3.3%, egg powder, skimmed milk powder...
Ex Tax:1.83€
Pastila Belevskaya Cowberry, 100g
Model: U110012
ingredients: fresh apples, freeze-dried lingonberries, dry egg white...
Ex Tax:3.20€
Ukrainian cookies Roshen Lovita Jelly with jelly filling with cherry flavor, 135g
Model: U110877
Ukrainian cookies Roshen Lovita Jelly with jelly filling with cherry flavor...
Ex Tax:1.37€
Ukrainian cookies Roshen Lovita Jelly with jelly filling with orange flavor, 135g
Model: U110876
ingredients: sugar, molasses, premium wheat flour, vegetable fat (hydrogenated palm kernel), water-retaining agents (sorbitol syrup, glycerin), egg powder, wheat starch, sunflower oil, dry milk whey, cocoa powder glaze); , sodium bicarbonate, trisodium citrate), orange juice concentrated 1% (in the ...
Ex Tax:1.37€
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