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Dumplings, chebureks, mici

Dumplings with cabbage "Ukrainian", 800g
Model: U109909
Dumplings with cabbage "Ukrainian"...
Ex Tax:5.04€
Pelmeni with pork "Ukrainian", 1kg
Model: U109499
Pelmeni with pork "Ukrainian"...
Ex Tax:5.50€
Elena mushroom pies, 4pcs.
Model: PIR-81
Pies are made from yeast dough, they are soft, tender, with mushroom filling. Mushrooms and onions are finely chopped like in homemade pies. An ideal snack for home and work.Ingredients: Mushrooms (58%), wheat flour, milk, drinking water, onions, eggs, sugar, sunflower oil, table salt, pepper, yeast...
Ex Tax:4.58€
Frozen baked apple pies Katyusha five pieces, 450g (best before 28/10)
Model: PIR-78
In just five minutes, you can make our cabbage patties and serve the perfect snack. Our white cabbage and carrot filling pies are coarsely chopped for maximum freshness and quality. Whether it's a snack at home or at work: the cakes are always delicious and healthy.Ingredients: White cabbage (29%), ...
Ex Tax:4.58€
Model: U100085
Vareniki with cherry Katyusha...
Ex Tax:5.95€
Model: PIR-77
Fried in fine rapeseed oil, these potato pies are delicious. Just reheat for a few minutes and the delicious flavorful snack is ready to eat. The potato filling is seasoned with crispy bacon and garnished with fried onions. The finest home-made ingredients guarantee freshness and quality.Ingredients...
Ex Tax:4.58€
Model: PEL-90
Dumplings, affectionately called "Pelmyashi", can be eaten every day. These delicious dumplings are small and incredibly juicy. Delicious dumplings made from dense pasta dough, filled with delicious meat filling, burst at the first bite, and the delicious juice inside makes these dumplings an unforg...
Ex Tax:9.17€
Model: WAR-67
Dumplings are a national dish in countries like Ukraine. Our dumplings with potatoes and a little bacon can be prepared incredibly quickly and can be served in different ways after cooking. For example, the classic version with the addition of a small amount of sour cream or toasted golden yellow on...
Ex Tax:4.58€
Model: U100072
Pelmeni Berger with pork "Ukrainian"...
Ex Tax:5.16€
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