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Dumplings, chebureks, mici

Model: 2094
Ingredients: dough (wheat flour, water, whole milk, egg, wheat flour, salt), cottage cheese (lean stage), sugar, whole milk.Shelf life: 360 daysEnergy value: 190 kcalFat - 2.1%Saturated fat -1.3%Carbohydrates-31.4%Sugar - 5.2%Salt-0.831%Country: Germany...
Ex Tax:6.41€
Model: 2203
Ingredients: premium wheat flour, extra food salt, purified water, deodorized refined sunflower oil, egg melange, boiled potatoes, fried onions, sunflower oil, table salt, black pepper.Shelf life: 180 days. Do not freeze after thawing.Energy: 175kcalFat: 3.3%, including saturated amino acids: 0.8%Ca...
Ex Tax:4.58€
Model: 2632
Ingredients: dough 57% (WHEAT flour, water, rapeseed oil, salt, EGG), filling 43% (potatoes 82%, water, onion, palm oil, salt, spices).Shelf life: 180 daysEnergy value: 180 kcalFat - 2.1%Saturated fat-0.4%Carbohydrates-35%Sugar-5,6%Salt-1,1%Country: Germany...
Ex Tax:2.47€
Model: 0073
Ingredients: pork 55%, beef 30%, water, salt, seasoning, acidity regulator: sodaShelf life: 180 daysCountry of Origin: Germany...
Ex Tax:7.79€
Model: 02125
Weight 1kgComposition:meat filling - 55%: pork 30%, beef 30%, onion, rice, salt, black peppercabbage 45%Shelf life: 180 days in the freezerEnergy: 137kcalFat: 6.9%, including saturated amino acids: 2.6%Carbohydrates: 9.9%, incl. sugar: 0.15%Protein: 8.8%Salt: 0.9%Country of Origin: Germany...
Ex Tax:6.95€
Frozen dumplings with cottage cheese 450g
Model: 2630
Composition: Filling 52% (89% cottage CHEESE, sugar, EGGS), Dough 48% (WHEAT flour, water, rapeseed oil, salt).Shelf life: 180 daysEnergy value: 193 kcalFat - 3.8%Saturated fat-0.9%Carbohydrates-30%Sugar-5,6%Salt-0.63%Country: Germany...
Ex Tax:2.47€
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