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Dumplings, chebureks, mici

Elena potato pies, 4pcs.
Model: PIR-77
Fried in fine rapeseed oil, these potato pies are delicious. Just reheat for a few minutes and the delicious flavorful snack is ready to eat. The potato filling is seasoned with crispy bacon and garnished with fried onions. The finest home-made ingredients guarantee freshness and quality.Ingredients...
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Pelmeni Elena "Pelmyashi" with pork and beef, 1kg
Model: PEL-86
These delicious pelmeni are small, bite-sized and particularly juicy and tasty. The delicious Pelmjaschi made from firm pasta dough are filled with a delicious meat filling and burst at the first bite. The delicious juice inside makes these pelmeni an unforgettable pleasure - day after day, piece by...
Ex Tax:6.87€
Dumplings Elena "Babushkiny" with beef and pork, 1kg
Model: PEL-73
Our dumplings "Babushkiny" are made by hand according to an old recipe. This is the only way to give shape to delicious dumplings, known to us from grandmother's kitchen. Dumplings "Babushkiny" are beautiful and large, well filled and have a typical shape in which the two ends of the dough are stuck...
Ex Tax:8.25€
Model: PIR-78
In just five minutes, you can make our cabbage patties and serve the perfect snack. Our white cabbage and carrot filling pies are coarsely chopped for maximum freshness and quality. Whether it's a snack at home or at work: the cakes are always delicious and healthy.Ingredients: White cabbage (29%), ...
Ex Tax:4.12€
Model: WAR-71
Dumplings with cottage cheese are a real national dish. Delicious crescent-shaped dumplings are either a sweet main course or a delicious dessert in this version with cottage cheese. Filled with cottage cheese and a little raisins, this dish is delicious, nutritious, and not overly sweetened. Theref...
Ex Tax:3.66€
Model: PEL-90
Dumplings, affectionately called "Pelmyashi", can be eaten every day. These delicious dumplings are small and incredibly juicy. Delicious dumplings made from dense pasta dough, filled with delicious meat filling, burst at the first bite, and the delicious juice inside makes these dumplings an unforg...
Ex Tax:8.71€
Model: PEL-52
Dumplings East is a real delicacy. These dumplings are handmade according to traditional recipes. Our Vostok dumplings are minced meat from a young bull. This makes the dish leaner, and the juicy meat filling acquires a special taste.Ingredients: young bull meat (38%), wheat flour, drinking water, o...
Ex Tax:9.17€
Chebureks Elena fried with pork, 3pcs.
Model: TSCH-80
Chebureks are a delicious snack that can be bought as fast food throughout most of Russia. They are so juicy that you need to be careful not to get dirty :) popIngredients: Pork (30%), Wheat flour, drinking water, onions, eggs, green onions, table salt, rapeseed oil, pepper...
Ex Tax:5.95€
Model: PEL-77
These dumplings are eye-catching! Here, traditional flavors are combined with modern ingredients. The dough for these dumplings is colored with natural turmeric, spinach and beetroot powder and attracts the attention of both children and adults!Ingredients: Pork (32%), young bull meat (14%), wheat f...
Ex Tax:3.66€
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