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Vegetables and fruits

Model: V2110
Important! Sweet peppers have much more vitamin C than currants and lemon. In order for the human body to receive the required daily dose of this vitamin, you need to eat only 50 grams of these fruits....
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Model: U103898
The taste of apples is sweet with sourness. Red Chief apples are fragrant, harmonious taste, tasting score is very high - 4.8 points on a 5-point rating scale...
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Model: Nash_80300
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Model: Nash_80298
It has a sweetish aniseed aroma, a spicy sweetish taste reminiscent of parsley, thanks to which it is used as a spice. It goes well with other green vegetables - tarragon, parsley, basil. Ground Chervil is used for grilling poultry, fish and egg dishes. It is used with hard-boiled eggs, salted omele...
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Model: V7076
The Fuji apple variety was first obtained at a Japanese research station by crossing two American apple varieties - Red Delicious and Rale Janet. Fuji apples contain 9 to 11% sugar by weight and have a firm flesh that tastes sweeter and crunchier than many other apple varieties, making them popular ...
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Boiled beets, 500g
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Model: 9100
Weight 500gShelf life: 180 daysCountry of Origin: Lithuania...
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Model: Nash_80014
Roseval potatoes are best for frying, baking, boiling and steaming. The small tuber has a neutral taste, which makes it universal for use as savory dishes, and the red skin does not lose color during cooking. The skin is also thin and edible, and the flesh keeps its shape well, which shortens the co...
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Model: Nash_80117
- Tuber shape: oval- Calibration degree: high- Skin color: yellow- Pulp: light yellow- Purpose: multipurpose (mashed potatoes, salads, french fries, baked goods, fried potatoes, soups)- Keeping quality: good- Dry matter content: 20-21%- Change in color after cooking: No...
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