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Vegetables and fruits

Model: 3300
Weight 0.5kgShelf life: 540 daysCountry of Origin: Germany...
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Model: Nash_80012
0.89€ 1.09€
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Boiled beets, 500g
Model: 9100
Weight 500gShelf life: 180 daysCountry of Origin: Lithuania...
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Model: Nash_80117
- Tuber shape: oval- Calibration degree: high- Skin color: yellow- Pulp: light yellow- Purpose: multipurpose (mashed potatoes, salads, french fries, baked goods, fried potatoes, soups)- Keeping quality: good- Dry matter content: 20-21%- Change in color after cooking: No...
Ex Tax:5.04€
Model: 9039
Ingredients: White cabbage 84%, canola oil, beetroot, table salt, sugar, acidifier acetic acid, black pepper.Shelf life: 90 daysEnergy value: 145 kcalFat - 12.7%Saturated fat-0.2%Carbohydrates-6.4%Sugar-2.5%Salt-2.5%Country: Germany...
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