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Model: U106090
Oak broom for a bath...
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Model: Nash_80409
Since ancient times, lavender has been added to the shelf where clean linens are stored. The smell of lavender has a balancing effect on the nervous system: relieves nervous tension, helps with exhaustion, depression, hysteria, melancholy. Eliminates overexcitation, insomnia, depression, unproductiv...
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Model: Nash_80410
Keyboard stickers with Ukrainian letters...
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Model: 152036
Tar soap is successfully used in the treatment of skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, scabies, eczema, scaly lichen, skin fungus, various ulcers and rashes. Tar soap also has another unique property: it perfectly washes hair, makes it strong and healthy, and heals the scalp....
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Model: U152016
Laundry soap 72%...
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Pogrebok baking soda, 400g
Model: 59247
Helps with heartburn. ...Suitable for mouth rinsing. ...A popular inexpensive teeth whitening product. ...Relieves itching from insect bites and sunburn......
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Model: U204064
Keyboard stickers with Russian black letters...
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