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Whipped cream HuLaLa 25% pasteurized, 500ml
Model: U104582
HuLaLa whipping cream can help you save time baking and making desserts. To decorate the dishes, it is enough to squeeze out the required amount of milk product from the container. The cream is made on the basis of sugar, milk protein and vegetable fats....
Ex Tax:3.20€
Model: 17139
Kefir "Svalia", mass fraction of fat 3,2%Shelf life: 30 daysEnergy value: 57 kcalFat - 3.2%Saturated fat - 2.2%Carbohydrates-3.9%Sugar-3.8%Salt-0.15%Country: Lithuania...
Ex Tax:1.09€
Model: D19
A great delicacy with a unique taste with the addition of cheese and sour cream, used in the preparation of pasta.Country of origin: Croatia...
Ex Tax:12.39€
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