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Model: C074
Ingredients: CURD 63.1%, sugar, caramel glaze 17.5% (butter, sugar, sweet cream, caramelized sugar, skimmed milk powder, flavoring, emulsifier (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids)), caramel flavor. Product may contain traces of wheat, barley, soy and nutsEnergy value: 1516 kJ / 364 kcal100 g produ...
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Baltais curdcheese "Honey", 38g
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Model: C070
Ingredients: cottage cheese 36.6%, sugar, cookies 20.4% (wheat flour, sugar, butter, cocoa, vanillin flavoring), sugar, condensed milk filler 11.9% (fructose glucose syrup, sugar, condensed milk with sugar , butter, flavoring - milk, caramelized sugar syrup, thickener (pectin), salt, sodium citrate,...
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Curd "SVALA" 9% fat, 200g (8.10)
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Model: 18135
Weight: 200gShelf life: 30 daysEnergy: 159kcalFat: 9%, including saturated amino acids: 6.2%Carbohydrates: 3.5%, including sugar: 2.9%Protein: 16%Salt: 0.1%Country of Origin: Lithuania...
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Model: 18102
Shelf life: 180 daysEnergy value: 337 kcalFat - 25.8%Saturated fat - 17.4%Carbohydrates-0.6%Sugar-0.6%Salt-1,9%Country: Germany...
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