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Fresh cheese and curd

Cheese Svalya semi-hard sliced "Classic" 50% fat, 150g
Model: 18173
Ingredients: Cow's milk, salt, lactic acid bacteria, microbial laboratory, dye E160b, stabilizer E509. Additional ingredients: salt, stabilizer: calcium chloride.Energy value: 353 kcalFat - 29%Saturated fat - 19%Salt-1,6%Country: Lithuania...
Ex Tax:2.74€
Processed cheese "Amber" with champignons 45% fat, 100 g
Model: U109046
Processed cheese "Amber" with champignons...
Ex Tax:1.37€
Smoked cheese "Amber" 60% fat, 100g
Model: U266051
Smoked cheese "Amber"...
Ex Tax:1.37€
Cow's milk feta cheese 40% fat, 720g
Model: 18142
Composition: Cow's milk, table salt, microbial laboratory, lactic acid bacteria.Shelf life: 365 daysCountry: Lithuania...
Ex Tax:6.95€
Cream cheese "Friendship", 100g
Model: U100729
Legendary Cream cheese, known to us since Soviet times. It is produced by the Moscow Processed Cheese Factory "Karat", founded in 1934, namely processed cheeses have been developed and produced there since about the 1960s....
Ex Tax:1.83€
Cheese "Adygea" 45% fat, 400g
Model: 18124
Ingredients: pasteurized cow's milkEnergy value: 340 kcalFat - 26%Saturated fat-17%Carbohydrates-0.6%Sugar-0.6%Salt-1,9%Country: Germany...
Ex Tax:5.31€
Сheese Rodnaya Derevnya "Smoked" 45% fat, 400g
Model: U262058
Сheese Rodnaya Derevnya "Smoked"...
Ex Tax:7.33€
Suluguni cheese "Ottoman", 400 g
Model: 18115
Composition: Cow's milk, table salt, microbial laboratory, lactic acid bacteria, stabilizer: calcium chloride.Shelf life: 90 daysEnergy value: 323 kcalFat - 25%Saturated fat - 17%Carbohydrates-0.5%Sugar-0.5%Salt-2.5%Country: Germany...
Ex Tax:6.41€
SVALYA cottage cheese 15%, 450g
Hot +4
Model: 18133
Shelf life: 30 daysEnergy value: 205 daysFat - 15%Saturated fat - 10%Carbohydrates-3.6%Sugar-2.6%Salt-0.1%Country: Lithuania...
Ex Tax:3.84€
Rustic granular cottage cheese 30% fat, 275g
Hot +4
Model: 18031
Expiration date: 30 daysCountry of Origin: Latvia...
Ex Tax:2.47€
Cheese Native Village "Kashkaval", 350g
Model: U262036
The name Kashkaval comes from the Italian Caciocavallo (cacio (cheese) and cavallo (horse)] and it was originally made from mare's milk. Currently, Kashkaval cheese is made from fresh, natural cow's and sheep's milk without additives. Kashkaval has a smooth surface without holes or spots , semi-hard...
Ex Tax:7.79€
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