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23 Aug Vacation is over
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Dear friends,Holidays are over, hope you had a good rest! And we have resumed delivery to Region 2!Once again you have the opportunity to order delive..
20 Jul Cottage cheese sale
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Attention lovers of cottage cheese: in connection with the upcoming holidays, we have a sale: cottage cheese Svalya in a package of 450g with a fat co..
19 Jul Vacation!
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Friends,During the week from July 29 to August 5 we have holidays. During this time, the store will be closed, and delivery will not be carried out ei..
17 Jul Drinks in the heat
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How to survive the summer heat?Tomorrow in the Netherlands promise temperatures over 30 degrees. In such weather, the body needs more liquid, so which..
12 Jul Delivery during holidays
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Happy summer holidays to all students and their parents! Pay attention to changes in OUR delivery during the holidays:Region 1. Den Haag (zip codes st..
11 Jul Undervalued products in NASH
0 102
All familiar foods that we sometimes undeservedly forget, although they are not only tasty, but also very healthy!1. BUTTER
17 Jun Cheeses and sausage with truffles are back in NASH!
0 206
Have you prepared for the weekend? Goat, sheep and cow milk cheeses and dried sausage with black truffles from Croatia are back in NASH! We also have ..
10 Jun Selection of rye bread and croutons from Cannelle
0 200
Friends,we again have a large selection of rye bread and crackers from Latvian producers Saldus Maiznieks and Cannelle!Rye bread contains 1.5-2 times ..
01 Jun The famous Belevskaya pastila!
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In NASH, you can now buy the famous Belyov pastille, Queen Pastille!The history of this delicacy began a very long time ago: since ancient times, ther..
19 May Borjomi water has arrived!
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The new batch of Borjomi has arrived!When there will be a new supply and whether it will be, it is still unknown: the plant has suspended work for an ..
13 May New arrival of Lemberg salmon roe and caviar
0 233
We have new arrivals of delicious Lemberg salmon roe and caviar! Lemberg products are characterised not only by high quality, but also by a pleasant p..
21 Feb Latvian sausages
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New delicious meat products from Latvian producers Nakotne and RGK: sausages, wieners, sausages, bacon, pates. Including veal and turkey sausages.We c..
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