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NASH — grocery store with home and office delivery in the Netherlands.

Buy groceries with delivery in the online store.

Located in The Hague, NASH store offers a unique opportunity to purchase food products from various Eastern European countries for your international team. Since 2019, we have been successfully supplying our customers with authentic products from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other regions of the rich cultural contingent of Eastern Europe.

            Our location just one hour from the port of Rotterdam makes our delivery to your shipping company convenient and efficient. We are proud to have already established strong partnerships with several stevedoring companies, ensuring reliable and timely delivery of our goods.

            Our team strongly believes in the importance of quality order processing and providing products in carefully selected packaging to ensure the safety and freshness of goods during transport. In NASH store you will find a wide range of almost 1000 authentic products, each carefully selected and presented with love for the cultural heritage of each country.

            Everything you see on our website is in stock, and the page of each product shows its actual availability at the moment. We strive to satisfy the taste preferences of each client, offering a variety of products, ranging from traditional delicacies to exclusive gastronomic finds of Eastern Europe, such as black and red caviar, sausages, dumplings, dumplings, cheesecakes, lard, Georgian khachapuri, Kindzmarauli, Saperavi, Khvanchkara and I even chacha :).

            For us, every order is not just a transaction, but an opportunity to give our customers a unique experience of immersion in the culture and tastes of Eastern Europe. We strive to be your trusted partner in culinary discovery and experimentation, always ready to meet your needs for authentic products and impeccable service for you and your customers.