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Peperkoekkoekjes condensed milk 300g
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Sausages Germes "Children's", 250g
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Model: 20307
Sausages Germes "Children's"...
1.99€ 3.99€
Ex Tax:1.83€
Chum Salmon roe of wild catch Lemberg, 250g
Model: KG250
Chum salmon roe with large amber grains is one of the most demanded products. It is rich in protein and especially valuable fish oils (omega-3 fatty acids). Light marine aroma, slightly salty taste and bright orange kernels are typical characteristics of this famous caviar. A delicious treat for spe...
39.90€ 58.00€
Ex Tax:36.61€
Model: 84114
Ingredients: sugar, glucose molasses, applesauce 9.9%, water, dry egg white, thickener E406, acidifiers: E270, E330, flavorings, preservative sulfur dioxide, colorants: E163, E141.Shelf life: 90 daysEnergy value: 337 kcalFat-0.1%Saturated fat -...
Ex Tax:3.19€
Model: 51120
Weight 850gIngredients: cucumber, brandy, vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic, spices, aromaShelf life: 720 daysEnergy: 16kcalFat: less than 0.5%, incl. saturated amino acids: less than 0.1%Carbohydrates: 3.2%, incl. sugar: 2.6%Protein: less than 0.5%Salt: 1.9%Country of Origin: Poland...
1.99€ 2.99€
Ex Tax:1.83€
Model: U199164
0.99€ 1.53€
Ex Tax:0.91€
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