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Candies "Niva" with waffle crumbs...
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Model: 61906
Strawberry compote is a storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants. It has a cleansing effect and is ideal as a tonic drink, especially when cold.If we look at the composition of the berry, we will see what it contains per 100 grams:153 mg potassium;24 mg phosphorus;42 kcal.In addition, the pulp contai...
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Model: Nash_80347
Cornmeal puffed chips with the addition of ground roasted porphyry algae are a genus of red seaweed. These algae are rich in iodine and vitamin D. For those who like to crunch, but are used to doing it for the benefit of the body, this snack is a great option.Ingredients: corn flour, refined sunflow...
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Model: 61908
Ingredients: cherry, water, sugar....
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Dark chocolates with milk cream, cocoa cream or egg liqueur cream would be a special delight for guests, as well as a decoration for party table....
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Model: U199164
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