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Frozen fried cutlets Elena with pork, 650g
Model: KAT-89
Defrosting and reheating patties in the oven, in a frying pan, or in the microwave takes just a few minutes. Mashed potatoes or pasta are great with them.Ingredients: pork (87%), onions, potatoes, wheat flour, drinking water, eggs, table salt, peppers fried in rapeseed oil...
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BBQ cooked pork ribs Nakotne, 500g
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Model: N30210
The ribs are pre-marinated for 24 hours according to a special Nakotne recipe. They were then oven baked and glazed with a delicious barbecue sauce.The ribs are ready to eat. Of course, we recommend that you reheat them in the oven, microwave, skillet or grill....
Ex Tax:5.50€
Semi-dry sausage Nakotne "Krakow premium", 360g
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Model: N40511
Semi-dry pork sausage in a natural casing. Made from high quality pork. Great taste combined with exquisite aroma...
Ex Tax:3.20€
Model: N30723
The product line for children "Little Tigers" is a tasty, aromatic and of a good quality. It attracts with its bright and colourful packaging design with jungle patterns and happy tigers. The cooked sausage for children has no added  monosodium glutamate (E621), it has no added soy and gluten a...
Ex Tax:3.66€
Model: N30713
Ingredients: chopped chicken, water, pork, starch, soy, salt, milk powder, diphosphate stabilizer, flavor enhancer sodium glutamate, spices and their extracts, in particular, celery, flavorings, antioxidants: isoascorbic acid, sodium erythorbate, citric acid, tartaric acid, acidity regulator, preser...
Ex Tax:2.74€
Dried sausage with truffles Karlić, 192-204g
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Model: D41-2
Dried sausage made from selected pork meat with the addition of chopped black truffle. served as a snack....
Ex Tax:10.00€
"Homemade" lard, 300g
Model: 24411-5
Ex Tax:2.74€
Croatian salami with truffles Karlić, 218-224g
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Model: D135-2
Istrian salami is a salami made from chopped pork and sliced black truffles. It is served as an appetizer with various cheeses.Ingredients: pork 92%, black truffle (Tubet Aest.Vitt) 3%, table salt, acidity regulator E300, preservative E250, natural edible casing....
Ex Tax:11.83€
Boiled sausage Nakotne "Doctor's with cheese", 300g
Model: N20721
"Doctoral with cheese" is a favorite and popular sausage for both children and adults. Conveniently sized sausage with a mild flavor, with high-quality Dutch cheese, perfectly complement your breakfast table.Packing: polyamide sheathExpiration date: 60 daysStorage Temperature: + 0 ° to + 6 ° CIngred...
Ex Tax:1.83€
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