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Student sausages 900g
Sausages "Student", 826g (best before 15.05)
Model: 20618-1
Pork (60%), drinking water, bacon, potato starch, cooking salt, preservative: sodium nitrite, spices, antioxidant: sodium L-ascorbate, stabilizers: diphosphate, polyphosphate, acidifier: sodium acetate, sodium citrate, thickening agent: guar gum, flavor enhancer: monosodium glutamate, coloring: &nbs...
Ex Tax:4.55€
Pork breast roll, dried, cooked smoked "Home-made", 352g
Model: 24008-7
Ingredients: pork 85%, dextrose, water, nitrite etching salt (salt, preservative: sodium nitrite), spices, antioxidants: sodium isoascorbate, thickener: carrageenan, stabilizers: diphosphates, triphosphates, flavor enhancer: monosodium glutamate, smoke. The company also processes soy, mustard, celer...
Ex Tax:3.26€
Model: 24614-3
Composition: 93% pork, salt, sugar, dextrose, herbal extracts, antioxidant (E301), flavor enhancer (E621), preservative (E250), stabilizer (E450), beech smokeShelf life: 60 daysEnergy: 124kcalFat: 4.8%, including saturated amino acids: 1.9%Carbohydrates: 1%, including sugar: 1%Protein: 19%Salt: 2.1%...
Ex Tax:5.60€
Model: 24007
Price for 1 kg - 8.90 eurosIngredients: pork 85%, water, dextrose, curing nitrite salt (salt, preservative: sodium nitrite), spices, garlic 0.5%, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate, acidity regulator: sodium citrate, sodium sulfate, thickener: carrageenan, gum carob, stabilizer: diphosphate, polyphosphat...
Ex Tax:2.83€
Sausage "Doctor's half-smoked" 800g (27.05)
Model: 23605
Weight: 800gIngredients: pork 68%, water 25%, bacon, potato starch, salt, preservative: sodium nitrite, antioxidant: sodium L-ascorbate, stabilizer: diphosphates, polyphosphates, acidifier: sodium acetate, sodium citrate, thickener: guar gum, amplifier taste: monosodium glutamate; dye: true carmine,...
Ex Tax:5.86€
Monastery ham 330g
Model: 24007-2
Ex Tax:3.13€
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