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Model: A1926
Turkey fillet van den Burg en Bol fresh...
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Model: A1227
Our supplier Van der Burg & Bol is constantly looking for the highest quality products for you. Quality is a fresh, tasty, delicate and safe product. Van der Burg & Bol sells exclusive Dutch brands as well as the finest products from Europe and the rest of the world....
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Model: 23011
Колбаски "Охотничьи"...
Ex Tax:4.30€
Smoked beef Brajlovic "Sucho meso", 150g
Model: 24789
Traditional smoked beef. The meat is salted and then placed in salt baths. It is then suspended in smoke. The meat is dried for several days, then smoked. After that, it should ripen for another week. The meat is then cut to size and vacuum-packed....
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Pork loin Kosarom, 250-300g
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Model: 24938
By adhering to the principles of "excellent quality", Kosarom has won the trust of consumers and has become one of the leaders in the meat and meat products market. Throughout its history, the company has patiently and demandingly promoted an organizational culture based on the idea of "Total Qualit...
Ex Tax:4.12€
Salted lard Keller "Ukrainian white" in a vacuum package, about 300g
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Model: U100444
One of the traditional products on the table of the Slavic people is salted fat. It is known that the Germans love to eat a piece of boiled bacon with potatoes, while the British and Americans use it with bacon. However, only in a salty form, lard has a beneficial effect on human health.Salted fat, ...
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Model: 24614-2
Composition: 93% pork, salt, sugar, dextrose, spice extracts, antioxidant (E301), flavor enhancer (E621), preservative (E250), stabilizer (E450), beech smokeShelf life: 60 daysEnergy: 124kcalFat: 4.8%, including saturated amino acids: 1.9%Carbohydrates: 1%, including sugar: 1%Protein: 19%Salt: 2.1%C...
Ex Tax:5.53€
Sausages "Doctor", 1.633kg
Model: 20317
Pork 68%, water 25%, bacon, potato starch, common salt, preservative: sodium nitrite, antioxidant: sodium L-ascorbate, stabilizer: diphosphates, polyphosphates, acidifier: sodium acetate, sodium citrate, thickener: guar gum, flavor enhancer: monosodium glutamate, dye: true carmine Dextrose. Packed i...
Ex Tax:14.36€
Oven ham Madej Wróbel, 600-700g
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Model: 24923-1
A noble ham with excellent taste and juiciness, with a characteristic layer of fat on the cross section. Ideal for a delicious breakfast with the family....
Ex Tax:11.87€
Sausage Three little pigs "Doctor's-Baby", 500g (up to 17,07)
Model: 20607
Ingredients: pork meat 70%, lard, water, potato starch, salt, preservative: sodium nitrite, antioxidant: I-sodium ascorbate, stabilizer: diphosphate, polyphosphates, acidity regulators: sodium acetate, sodium citrate, thickeners: guar gum, enhancers taste: monosodium glutamate 1-substituted, Dye: Na...
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Basturma (dried beef), 170-181g
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Model: 32880-4
Basturma (dried beef)...
Ex Tax:10.92€
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