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Husein Products sausages with smoked beef and chicken halal "Caucasian", 450g (best before 16.10)
Model: 20699
Ingredients: 48% beef, 29% chicken, drinking water, edible salt, spices, dextrose, maltodextrin, spice extracts, flavors, antioxidant (E316), dye (E120), flavor enhancer (E621), preservative (E250), regulator acidity (E262). , E331), stabilizer (E450, E451), beef collagen casing (edible), beech smok...
Ex Tax:5.50€
Model: А1100
Our supplier Van der Burg & Bol is constantly looking to produce the highest quality products. Quality is a fresh, tasty, delicate and safe product. Van der Burg & Bol offers exclusive Dutch brands as well as the finest products from Europe and the rest of the world....
Ex Tax:11.47€
Meat "Cossack style", 490g
Model: 24614-1
Composition: 93% pork, salt, sugar, dextrose, spice extracts, antioxidant (E301), flavor enhancer (E621), preservative (E250), stabilizer (E450), beech smokeShelf life: 60 daysEnergy: 124kcalFat: 4.8%, including saturated amino acids: 1.9%Carbohydrates: 1%, including sugar: 1%Protein: 19%Salt: 2.1%C...
Ex Tax:4.73€
"Homemade" lard, 360g
Model: 24411-5
Ex Tax:3.79€
Gerookte ham 400 g (tot 6.10)
Model: 23028
Ingredients: 100g of sausage is made from 103g of pork meat. Pork meat, lard, salt, spices, garlic, spice extracts (black pepper, ginger, nutmeg), stabilizers: diphosphates, triphosphates, flavor enhancer: sodium glutamate, antioxidants: ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, preservative: sodium nitrite,...
Ex Tax:6.56€
Cooked sausage "Doctor" 800g (before 12.01)
Model: 20129
Ingredients: pork 68%, water, potato starch, salt, glucose syrup, bacon, maltodextrin, dextrose, spices, spice extracts, stabilizer E450, flavor enhancer E621, antioxidant E300, preservative E250, soy protein 0.5%, thickener: E407 , E410, E412, E415, E466, dye E120, acidity regulators: E262, E325. M...
Ex Tax:7.28€
Dried sausage with truffles Karlić, 162-178g
+4 Coming soon
Model: D41-1
Dried sausage made from selected pork meat with the addition of chopped black truffle. served as a snack....
Ex Tax:9.17€
Model: A1926F
Van der Burg & Bol has been offering the highest quality products for over 100 years. This quality can also be guaranteed by a good selection of suppliers. Van der Burg & Bol operates in accordance with the strictest requirements of the Netherlands HACCP system - Hazard Analysis and Critical...
Ex Tax:14.59€
Frozen chicken homemade cutlets, 500g
Coming soon
Model: Nash_80375
Ingredients: chicken, onion, breadcrumbs, garlic, eggs, dill, spices, salt...
Ex Tax:11.47€
Model: 20656
Ingredients: pork 56%, fat, water, potato starch, salt, spices (with MUSTARD), dextrose, fructose, glucose, maltodextrin, yeast extract, spices, flavorings, antioxidant (E301), color (E120), flavor enhancer (E621)), preservative (E250), acidity regulator (E262, E331), stabilizer (E450, E451), thicke...
Ex Tax:7.05€
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