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smoked sausages

Model: 23651
Cervelat "Celebratory" 300gPork 86%, beef 11%, bacon, water, table salt, preservative: sodium nitrite, spices, antioxidants: sodium L-ascorbate, stabilizer: diphosphates, acidifier: sodium acetate, sodium citrate, dye: true carmine, dextrose, smoke.Shelf life: 60 daysEnergy value: 232 kcalFat - 20%S...
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Smoked bacon Kolbassoff, 150g
Model: 24108
Ingredients: pork belly 91%, salt, stabilizer E450, glucose syrup, dextrose, antioxidant: E300, E325, preservative E250, aroma, spice extract, smoke.Shelf life: 90 daysEnergy value: 362 kcalFat - 34.6%Saturated fat - 13.7%Carbohydrates-0.8%Sugar-0.5%Salt-2.7%Country: Lithuania...
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Model: 23208
Krakow sausage is a luxurious sausage made from large pieces of carefully selected pork with a traditional flavor. It owes its intense aroma to the addition of pepper and cumin. It is a great addition to sandwiches and salads, but also great as a snack.Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Spices, antioxidant E ...
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Model: 22010
Ingredients: fat pork 32% (pork head meat, pork bone meat), pork tongue 28%, drinking water, salt, spices, gelatin, preservative E250, flavor enhancer E621.Shelf life: 60 daysCountry: Latvia...
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Model: 23028
Ingredients: 100g of sausage is made from 103g of pork meat. Pork meat, lard, salt, spices, garlic, spice extracts (black pepper, ginger, nutmeg), stabilizers: diphosphates, triphosphates, flavor enhancer: sodium glutamate, antioxidants: ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, preservative: sodium nitrite,...
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Turkey cervelat, 270g
Model: 23001
Turkey meat, water, salt, spices, glucose, dextrose, sugar, garlic, stabilizer: diphosphates, antioxidant: sodium isoascorbate, acidity regulator: glucono-delta-lactone, preservative: sodium nitrite, smoke.  Sausage cover not edible.  May contain traces of soy, mustard and gluten-containin...
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