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Beef liver, Netherlands, 1000-1200g
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Minced fresh beef, Netherlands, 1kg
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Beef steak, Netherlands, vacuum packaging 1kg
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Model: A1203
Country of origin: the Netherlands...
Ex Tax:14.22€
Frozen beef tongue, the Netherlands, the price is for 1 kg. Approximate weight: 1.5-1.9kg
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Model: A1234
The final calculation is made upon receipt of the goods, depending on the exact weight....
Ex Tax:16.42€
Chateaubriand beef tenderloin, 500g
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Model: A1263
The most tender and valuable cut of marbled beef is the Tenderloin, and Chateaubriand is its central part. Fried and then baked beef fillet in European cuisine is traditionally served with creamy or wine sauces.You can add balsamic vinegar, rosemary and some meat stock to your liking. And it is bett...
Ex Tax:30.73€
Tournedo beef steak, 200g
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Model: A1262
Tournedo is the closest relative of Filet Mignon and Chateaubriand steaks. The steaks are cut from Tenderloin tenderloin, from the side of its thin edge. A large section of Tournedo is cut into small medallions and served in portions. But serving a whole steak is also acceptable. Unlike Chateaubrian...
Ex Tax:10.92€
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