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Model: U107717
Easter cake Boromir with chocolate cream was developed according to a special recipe to conquer you with the rich taste of delicate chocolate cream. The chocolate filling turns the cake into an unsurpassed dessert that can be enjoyed with loved ones on the occasion of holidays and other special even...
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Model: IB17964
Delicate shortbread dough soaked in natural honey and boiled condensed milk. Decorated with chocolate icing.Ingredients: premium-grade wheat flour; sugar; vegetable oils; glucose-fructose syrup; water; skimmed milk; reduced whey; lactose; cream; barley malt; corn flour; cocoa powder; egg product; wh...
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Model: U107716
Easter cake Boromir with milk cream and orange slices was developed according to a unique recipe to give you and your family priceless moments during the holiday. The holidays get even more spicy with Boromir, which pampers you with the rich taste of delicate cream and milk, perfectly combined with ...
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Model: IB17965
Cake “Cottage Cheese” is the lightest and most delicate dessert from the entire range of TM Russkaya Niva. Shortbread and curd cakes with light cream based on natural cottage cheese.Ingredients: premium wheat flour, egg product, vegetable oils, sugar, water, glucose-fructose syrup, molasses, maltode...
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Model: IB11583
Delicate puff pastry in the shape of a cone, filled with airy protein cream. The cake is decorated with puff crumbs.Ingredients: premium wheat flour, margarine (vegetable oils, water, emulsifier lecithin, salt, preservative sorbic acid, carotene dye, butter flavoring, acidity regulator citric acid),...
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Model: IB11588
Layers of airy puff pastry layered with custard. The cakes are decorated with puff pastries and powdered sugar.Ingredients: premium wheat flour, margarine (vegetable oils, water, emulsifier lecithin, salt, preservative sorbic acid, carotene dye, flavoring, acidity regulator citric acid), drinking wa...
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Model: IB17318
Amazingly delicious Choco-Pie with blackcurrant jam inside a delicate soufflé layer. The combination of airy sponge cake, chocolate, soufflé and the traditional taste of blackcurrant jam makes this cake extremely attractive to any consumer....
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Model: U110639
Wafer sheets Vika...
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Model: 81152
Вафельный торт "Alönka" с кремовой начинкой (61%) , в какаосодержащей глазури...
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Model: 81156
Weight 200 gramsIngredients: cocoa glaze 34% (sugar, vegetable oils (soybean oil, palm oil) partially hydro-gynized, low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifiers: E322 (contains soy), E476, E492, flavor), wheat flour, sugar, coconut butter, whole milk powder 8%, cocoa-containing glaze 2.4% (sugar, vegetable fa...
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Model: 81011
Cake crusts Lakomka "Honey cake"...
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Model: 80210
Composition: Flour, Vegetable Fat, Salt, Baking Powder: E500.Shelf life: 730 daysCountry: Poland...
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