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Marinated mushrooms

Milk mushrooms Yes! in garlic marinade, 530ml
Model: IB10576
Milk mushrooms Yes! in garlic marinade...
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Model: U110817
The combination of spicy, rich adjika with eggplant is a harmony of taste. Fried eggplants seasoned with adjika are a welcome appetizer on every table. Because it is not only very tasty, but also quite filling. So, eggplants in adzhitsa from “Veres” are eaten both as an appetizer and as a side dish....
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Model: U106163
Eggplant spread is a nutritious snack with a balanced taste of roasted vegetables. Eggplant spread has its own unique taste, created by combining selected juicy eggplants with tomatoes, onions and spices....
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Model: U110818
This appetizer is perfect for a hearty meal; in addition, exquisitely selected spices and herbs add piquancy. A tasty snack, or a full lunch or evening, is quite healthy and does not require additional preparation. Ask tasty and useful questions.Vitamins: Beta-carotene – 0.2 mg, PP – 2.0 mg, B – 0.2...
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Model: U104047
Ukrainian mushroom spread Veres contains pieces of mushrooms. Therefore, it has become a favorite ingredient in homemade spring rolls, pie fillings, and vegetable fillings....
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Model: U101279
Butter mushrooms in garlic brine Ura!...
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Model: 55011
Ingredients: shiitake, water, salt, garlic, bay leaf, pepper, cloves, acidifier, acetic acid, dillEnergy: 24kcalCarbohydrate: 4.2%Protein: 1.7%Salt: 1.9%Country of Origin: Germany...
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Model: 55020
Country of Origin: Germany...
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Model: 55016
Ingredients: mushrooms in different proportions (shiitake, oyster mushrooms), water, salt, garlic, bay leaf, pepper, cloves, acetic acid, dillShelf life: 900 daysEnergy: 19kcalFat: 0.2%Carbohydrate: 3%Protein: 1.4%Salts: 2%Country of Origin: Germany...
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