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Canned cucumbers and tomatoes

Model: 50214
Ingredients: tomato, sugar, salt, dill 1.5%, celery leaves, spices, acidity regulator citric acidShelf life: 730 daysEnergy value: 27 kcalFat-0.1%Carbohydrates-5.8%Sugar-5,6%Salt-1,6%Country: Poland...
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Golden Tomatoes
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Model: 50012
Weight 1650gIngredients: yellow tomatoes, onion, sugar, salt, celery, garlic, acidifier, acetic acid, dill, black pepper, bay leafShelf life: 720 daysEnergy: 20kkalFat: 0.15%, incl. saturated amino acids 0.02%Carbohydrate: 4.16%, incl. sugar 3.76%Protein: 0.55%Salt: 1.33%Country of Origin: Poland...
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Model: 51119
Ingredients: cucumbers 47%, acidity regulator: acetic acid 4.7%, paprika 2.25%, sugar, salt, spices (dill, onion, garlic, Bay leaf, cloves, pepper)Shelf life: 720 daysEnergy value: 16 kcalFat - <0.5%Saturated fat - <0.1%Carbohydrates-3.1%Sugar - 2.7%Salt-1,9%Country: Poland...
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Marinated tomatoes with dill, 1600 g
Model: 50230
Ingredients: tomato, sugar, salt, dill 1.5%, celery leaves, spices, citric acidShelf life: 730 days. Store in a cool and dark place. Store in the refrigerator after opening and consume immediatelyEnergy value: 27 kcalFat-0.1%Carbohydrates-5.8%Sugar-5,6%Salt-1,6%Country: Poland...
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Yellow pickled tomatoes, 1kg
Model: 50015
Ingredients: yellow tomatoes, sugar, salt, dill, horseradish leaf, parsley, acidifier: acetic acid, garlic, allspice, Bay leaf.Shelf life: 1095 daysEnergy value: 25 kcalCarbohydrates-5.5%Sugar-4.4%Salt-1,7%Country: Ukraine...
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Model: 50213
Ingredients: tomato, sugar, salt, dill, celery leaves, garlic 0.5%, spices, acid regulator E330Shelf life: 730 daysEnergy: 27kkalFat: 0.1%Carbohydrate: 5.8%, incl. sugar: 5.6%Protein: 0.6%Salt: 1.6%Country of Origin: Poland...
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Model: 51153
Composition: Gherkins, Sugar, Salt, Acidifier: Acetic Acid, Spices, Potassium Iodate.Shelf life: 730 daysEnergy value: 29 kcalFat-0.5%Saturated fat-0.1%Carbohydrates-5.5%Sugar-4.4%Salt-1,9%Country: Macedonia...
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Model: 50103
Помидоры малосольные...
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Model: 50106
Помидоры зелёные бочковые "На посошок"...
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