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Green tea Ahmad with mango and lychee flavor, in bags 20 x 1.5g
Model: U108430
Mango & Lychee Green Tea is perfect for green tea lovers who prefer richer, bolder flavors. Ahmad has combined the exotic aromas of sweet mango, ripe lychee and the nutty aroma of Chinese green tea to give you a taste of tropical bliss that will help relieve stress.To create this blend, tea mast...
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Model: U108136
Our Mango Magic blend is a sunny infusion of soft, juicy mango and invigorating black tea. This charming drink is sure to perk you up at any time of the day.To create this blend, our tea masters balance strong black teas from East Africa, then add real mango pieces and our signature mango flavoring ...
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Model: L5210
Ingredients: Ivan angustifolia (fermented) 99%, honey...
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Model: L8123
Azerchay green combines original Azerbaijani weakly fermented varieties. Each of these drinks has unique, inimitable flavor and aromatic characteristics, determined primarily by the origin of the raw materials. It is collected in the two main tea-growing regions of Azerbaijan - Astara and Lenkoran. ...
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Model: L5214
Ingredients: Ivan angustifolia (fermented) 99%, honey...
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Model: L8189
Classic “Azerchay Bergamot” is an exquisite combination of bergamot with the magical aroma of black tea. This magical drink with its delicious taste will become your most reliable companion at any time of the day.Classic “Azerchay Bergamot” is a mixture of high-quality black tea. The tea is speciall...
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Model: 58291
The symphony of the Summer Bouquet is dominated by a bright raspberry scent. The characteristic aroma of wild rose softens the sharp sourness of hibiscus and sounds the final note in the exotic melody of Greenfield Summer Bouquet. This herbal tea does not contain caffeine, effectively refreshes and ...
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Model: U111115
Greenfield Revival Blend’s unique combination of light sage spice and the bright freshness of eucalyptus makes this natural composition unique....
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Model: U108135
The refined bouquet of Chinese green tea reveals the sweet note of fragrant raspberry and the rich taste of pomegranate. The pomegranate is a medieval symbol of fidelity and virtue. This tea will give you a moment of joy at any time of the day. Green tea with raspberry and pomegranate pieces. Dispos...
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Model: 58292
Bright and tender flavour of Greenfield Barberry Garden is woven of noble Indian tea power, barberry sour and sweet notes and delicate hibiscus flavour....
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Model: 58296
The expressive and very delicate composition of this tea contains a whole range of various flavor notes. The light astringency of green tea is softened by the fresh juicy taste of white peach and a subtle natural strawberry note....
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Model: U108137
Peach-passion fruit - a feeling of a holiday in the soul, the excitement of learning new things and the pleasure of your favorite activities. Blend of black teas of the highest quality, filled with exotic flavors of peach and passion fruit....
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