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Model: L4228
Pomegranate juice:Considered to be the best protective agent against cardiovascular diseasePrevents damage to artery wallsProvides healthy blood pressure levelsImproves blood flow to the heartPrevents or slows down atherosclerosisProtects against damage caused by diabetesHelps lower blood sugar leve...
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Model: 62014
Birch juice with sugar Marke Nr.1...
Ex Tax:2.01€
Model: 62146
Energy value: 22 kcalFat - <0.5%Saturated fat - <0.1%Carbohydrates-3.3%Sugar - 2.8%Country: Moldova...
Ex Tax:2.74€
Model: 62060
Ingredients: water, pear puree (40%), sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, acidity regulator: citric acid, natural flavor.Shelf life: 360 daysEnergy value: 40 kcalCarbohydrates-10%Sugar-9.2%Country: Ukraine...
Ex Tax:2.28€
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