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Fish salads and fish products

Herring Nasha Baltika spicy salted whole, 450g (best before 05.11)
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Model: 08012
Salaka is very useful, like any fish, and even more so fish from the northern seas and quite oily. It contains many vitamins, for example, vitamin C, E, a rare but important vitamin B12, and there are also other B vitamins. Salak contains potassium, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, fluorine, ...
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Herring fillet-pieces Bremor "Under a fur coat" in oil, 400g
Model: 08070
Herring fillet-pieces Bremor "Under a fur coat" in oil...
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Herring fillet "For potatoes", 240g
Model: 8136
Composition: Herring 79%, Canola Oil, Salt, Acid Regulators: Citronic Acid, E575, E334, Flavor Enhancers: E621, Preservatives: E211, E202, Dextrose.Shelf life: 60 daysEnergy value: 174 kcalFat - 13.8%Saturated fat-2.7%Carbohydrates-0.5%Sugar-0.4%Salt-5.5%Country: Germany...
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Pieces of herring Vici "For potatoes", 200g
Model: 8135
Ingredients: herring 75%, rapeseed oil, salt, acidity regulators: citric acid, E575, E334, flavor enhancer: E621, preservatives: E211, E202, dextroseShelf life: 60 daysEnergy: 174kcalFat: 13.8%, including saturated amino acids: 2.7%Carbohydrate: 0.5%, incl. sugar: 0.4%Protein: 11.6%Salt: 5.5%Country...
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