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Model: Nash_80387
Ingredients: water, grain alcohol, concentrated apple juice, lingonberry, cherry, cranberry juice, blueberry juice, sugar, wine, acidity regulator citric acid, dye e124...
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Model: Nash_80397
The most fruity cognac from Camus. Distilled on the lees and aged only in small, fine-grained French oak barrels, Camus Very Special is characterized by an extremely high concentration of esters, imparting an intense aroma of summer fruit and fine spices.CAMUS Very Special is a blend of carefully se...
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Model: Nash_80389
Honey taste with notes of fruits, spices, lots of vanilla and a slight hint of smoke. Aberfeldy has been awarded over 150 gold medals in the world's top spirits competitions....
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Model: Nash_80388
Soft and fruity, Monkey Shoulder is the perfect introduction to scotch. Richness and brightness are combined with fruity aromas and soft vanilla notes, making it ideal to mix or drink neat. Award-winning, honored by industry professionals and bar professionals alike....
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Model: Nash_80390
To create this whiskey, the best barrels of the distillery were used. In Jack Daniels Single Barrel Proof, you can hear sweet undertones like vanilla, honey and apple, as well as nuts and spices....
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Model: Nash_80338
This brandy has an expressive aroma with shades of apricot and vanilla-licorice nuances. A novelty from the Yerevan Brandy Factory, a drink created on the basis of six-year-old brandy with the addition of ripe apricot extract. Thanks to its 35% strength, the brandy is easy to drink, it is an excelle...
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