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Sweet and semi-sweet wines

Model: U105993
Alcohol 11.5%...
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Model: U105840-1
Volume: 0.75Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cyrah, Pinot NoirServing temperature: 9-11ºCManufacturer: Abrau-DursoRegion: Abrau-DursoTotal Sulphites:Stylistics: A rare wine of deep, intense ruby color, enlivened by scarlet highlights and persistent mousse.The taste is memorable, berry, with a vel...
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Model: Nash_80403
Country: GeorgiaVolume: 0.75Grapes: Rkatsiteli: 100%Serving temperature: 10-12°CManufacturer: Georgian Royal Wine Region: KakhetiColor: Pale strawTaste: full-bodied wine with a pleasant aroma, bright tones of peach and white grape pulpFood pairing: summer salads, grilled chicken and fish...
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Model: Nash_80408
Country: GeorgiaColor: redSugar: DryVolume: 0.75Grapes: Alexandrouli, MujuretuliManufacturer: Georgian Royal WineRegion: Racha-LechkhumiColor: dark cherryTaste: ripe cherry tones are balanced by soft tannins with pleasant sourness and a long aftertasteStylistics: One of the most famous and popular s...
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Model: Nash_80406
Vivino: Country: GeorgiaColor: redSugar: semi-sweetVolume: 0.75Grapes: SaperaviManufacturer: Georgian Royal WineRegion: KakhetiColor: dark rubyTaste: rich with fruit tones and blueberry aroma...
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Model: SWA120121
Vivino: GeorgiaVolume: 0.75Grapes: MtsvaneServing temperature: 10-12°CManufacturer: Telavi Region: KakhetiTotal Sulphites:Stylistics: Color: Bright pale greenish-yellow wineTaste: The taste is fresh with mild aci...
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Model: SWA161520
Vivino: 0.75lGrape variety: 100% kisiVine age: 10 yearsVineyard: Kisi is produced in own vineyards, which are located in the specific zones of Kvareli and Kindzmarauli. The high quality of the wine is due to the alluvial ...
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Model: M202024
Semi-sweet red wine made from Alexandruli and Mukhuretuli grapes grown in the smallest micro-zone of Racha (Bugeuli Village). The wine has a strong, distinctive bouquet with aromas of raspberry and dark ruby ​​color. In 2019, only 300 bottles were produced.Technical details:From a 102 year old viney...
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Model: Nash_80407
Country: GeorgiaVolume: 0.75Grapes: SaperaviManufacturer: Georgian Royal WineRegion: KakhetiColor: cherryTaste: moderate with a balanced combination of sweetness and sourness...
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Model: Nash_80152
Country: ArmeniaColor: redSugar: semi-sweetVolume: 0.75Grapes: Areni grapeServing temperature: 18 - 22 ° CManufacturer: Gevorkian WineryRegion: Vayots DzorStylistics: Armenians claim that the grape is the child of the sun. Sunlit in the Vayots Dzor region, some 1,200 to 1,500 mete...
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Model: M202001
Vellino Rkatsiteli is a natural semi-sweet wine with residual sugar. Made from the Rkatsiteli grape variety harvested in Kakheti. Made in the classic way. Characterized by a light straw color. The taste is expressed tones of white fruits, pears, dried fruits. It is best served with white and yellow ...
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Model: Nash_80163
Voskevaz (ՈՍԿԵՎԱԶ) White Semi Sweet U.V. on VivinoCountry: ArmeniaColor: whiteSugar: semi-sweetVolume: 0.75Grapes: Voskehat, KangunServing temperature: 10-12 °СManufacturer: Voskevaz WineryRegion: Aragatsotn region of ArmeniaStylistics: Recommended to pair with goat cheeses, seafood appetizers, acco...
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