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Moldovan wines

Model: SWA520221
Vivino: MoldovaVolume: 0.75Grape variety: Rare blackServing temperature: 18 degrees.Manufacturer: NovakRegion: CahulGenerous and soft wine. The aroma contains very ripe plums, berries and spices. Slightly smoky, not heavy, t...
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Model: SWA370122
Timbrus Purcari Estate Viorica U.V. on VivinoCountry: MoldovaColor: whiteSugar: DryVolume: 0.75Grapes: VioricaManufacturer: Timbrus Purcari EstateRegion: Stefan VodaStylistics: Fresh, very aromatic white wine from the autochthonous (unique, growing only in the area) Viorica grape variety. In the aro...
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Model: Nash_80392
Country: MoldovaColor: whiteTaste: Dry with notes of grapefruit and red currant, which develops into a pleasant aftertaste with light notes of apple blossoms.Grape varieties: Babeasca Gri, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Feteasca Alba, Feteasca RegalaAlcohol: 14%Volume: 0.75 lPairing with dishes: fruit sala...
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Model: Nash_80391
Country: MoldovaColour: Red with purple reflectionsTaste: Dry with a rich bouquet of red berries, pomegranates, cherries, light hints of vanilla. The taste is well structured with a moderate tart, long fruity aftertaste.Grape Variety: Merlot, Malbec, Carmenere, Shiraz, Rara NeagraAlcohol: 14.5%Volum...
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Model: Nash_80376
Country: MoldovaVolume: 0.75Grapes: Merlot ...
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Model: Nash_00080
Color from red to intense with a ruby ​​tint. It has a pleasant tart, harmonious acidity with mature tones and a delicate spicy taste with mineral notes.Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon 85%, Feteasca Neagra 15%Food Pairing: The rich flavor and high tanning content of Cabernet makes it an ideal accompanime...
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Model: Nash_80324
Country: MoldovaVolume: 0.75Grapes: Merlot - 85%, Shiraz - 15%Serving temperature: 16 ° C - 18 ° CManufacturer: Vinuri din ComratRegion: GagauziaStyle: Elegant ruby color, fruity bouquet finished with notes of black current with light hints of plum and cherryFood pairing: beef, especially roast or r...
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Model: Nash_80322
Country: MoldovaVolume: 0.75Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling Serving temperature: 8-10 degreesManufacturer: Vinuri de ComratRegion: GagauziaTotal Sulphites:Stylistics: The light golden straw color retains a fresh scent created by light floral and citrus notes. The fruity taste is refreshing, ple...
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Model: Nash_80329
Vivino: Country: Moldova...
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Model: Nash_80323
Vivino: Country: MoldovaVolume: 0.75Grapes: Chardonnay - 50%, Feteasca Alba - 25%, Feteasca Regala - 12%, Babeka gris - 8%, Pinot Gris - 5%Serving temperature: 8-10 degreesManufacturer: EquinoxRegion: Stefan VodaStylistics: ...
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Model: Nash_80197
Vinuri de Comrat Plai Feteasca - Chardonnay on VivinoCountry: MoldovaVolume: 0.75Grapes: Chardonnay, FeteascaServing temperature:Manufacturer: Vinuri de ComratRegion: Total Sulphites:Stylistics: ...
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Model: Nash_80328
Vivino: Country: MoldovaVolume: 0.75...
Ex Tax:18.60€
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