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White wines

Model: 4869002019566
Country: GeorgiaColor: pinkSugar: semi-dryVolume: 0.75Grapes: Muscat, Rkatsiteli, SaperaviManufacturer: Wine & coRegion: KakhetiStyle: Light, fruity, very aromatic wine of light salmon color, aromas of strawberries and red fruits, pleasant unobtrusive sweetness and light bitterness in the aftert...
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Model: 4860008891521
Country: GeorgiaColor: WhiteSugar: DryVolume: 0.75Grapes: MtsvaneManufacturer: KolkhaRegion: KakhetiStylistics:Kolkha Mtsvane is a dry white wine made from Mtsvane grapes. Produced near the village of Napareuli in the Telavsky region of Kakheti.This beautiful wine has a slight green color and aromas...
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Model: Nash_80065
Timbrus Purcari Estate Viorica U.V. on VivinoCountry: MoldovaColor: whiteSugar: DryVolume: 0.75Grapes: VioricaManufacturer: Timbrus Purcari EstateRegion: Stefan VodaStylistics:Fresh, very aromatic white wine from the autochthonous (unique, growing only in the area) Viorica grape variety. In the arom...
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Model: 4860109190226
Georgian Sun (ქართული მზე) Rkatsiteli - Mtsvane (რქაწითელი - მწვანე) U.V. on VivinoCountry: GeorgiaColor: whiteSugar: dryVolume: 0.75Grapes: Mtsvane Kakhuri, RkatsiteliManufacturer: Georgian SunRegion: KakhetiStylistics: White dry wine produced according to ancient technology in clay amphoras "Kvevr...
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Model: 4860100870059
Winiveria Khikhvi U.V. on Vivino...
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Model: 4860101021214
Kakhuri Gvinis Marani (Кахури Гвинис Марани) Icewine (აისვაინი) U.V. on VivinoCountry: GeorgiaColor: whiteSugar: sweetVolume: 0,375Grapes: Cabernet SauvignonManufacturer: Kakhuri Gvinis MaraniRegion: KakhetiStyle: Dessert wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. In the production of Icewine wine, a...
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Model: 4860008891583
Kolkha Tvishi Semi-Sweet U.V. on VivinoCountry: GeorgiaColor: whiteSugar: semi-sweetVolume: 0.75Grapes: TsolikouriManufacturer: KolkhaRegion: Racha-LechkhumiStylistics:Kolkha Tvishi is a semi-sweet white wine named for its place of origin. This wine is made from Tsolikauri grapes and is grown in the...
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Model: 4860101020231
Country: GeorgiaColor: whiteSugar: dryVolume: 0.75Grapes: Kakhuri MtsvaneManufacturer: Kakhuri Gvinis MaraniRegion: KakhetiStylistics:Produced according to traditional technology from the Kakhuri Mtsvane grape variety cultivated in the Kakheti region, in the specific Manavi zone. The wine has a colo...
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Model: 4860100870202
Country: GeorgiaColor: whiteSugar: DryVolume: 0.75Grapes: Chinuri, Goruli MtsvaneManufacturer: WiniveriaRegion: KartliStyle: Light white wine with hints of white fruits and citrus....
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