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Orange dry wine Vinoterra Kisi, 13% alcohol, 0.75L

Orange dry wine Vinoterra Kisi, 13% alcohol, 0.75L
Orange dry wine Vinoterra Kisi, 13% alcohol, 0.75L
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Country: Georgia

Color: orange

Sugar: dry

Volume: 0.75

Grapes: Kisi

Manufacturer: Vinoterra

Region: Kakheti


A classic sample of orange (or amber) wine, made according to an ancient Kakhetian technology dating back about 8000 years and recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage site. White grape varieties are turned into amber wine by prolonged contact of the juice with the skin and seeds directly in huge clay jugs (qvevri) dug into the ground. The wine produced in this way is very different from the white wine produced in the traditional way, when immediately after pressing, the skin is removed and the juice ferments by itself.

Most orange wines are characterized by medium body, tannins and aromas of dried fruits, honey, citrus, pleasant minerality. It is not recommended to chill amber wine too much, a temperature of 18-19 degrees is sufficient, and if there is an opportunity to open the wine in advance and pour it into a jug, it will open even brighter.

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