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Vita+ "Hematogen" bar with flaxseed, 50g

Vita+ "Hematogen" bar with flaxseed, 50g
Vita+ "Hematogen" bar with flaxseed, 50g
Vita+ "Hematogen" bar with flaxseed, 50g
Vita+ "Hematogen" bar with flaxseed, 50g
Vita+ "Hematogen" bar with flaxseed, 50g
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Hematogen is a drug intended for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia. The hematogen has a dark brown color, a dense and plastic structure, a specific taste and aroma.

The history of the hematogen began in 1890, when the Swiss doctor Gommel produced a mixture containing iron to stimulate hematopoiesis. The basis for the preparation of the mixture was fresh bovine blood and egg yolks. Over time, the mixture turned into a solid substance and began to be sold in pharmacies in the form of a modern hematogen.

Ingredients: sugar syrup (sugar, water), sweetened condensed milk, glucose syrup, roasted flax seeds (8%), palm oil, bovine alimentary albumin, L-ascorbic acid, vanilla, folic acid

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