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Moldavian white dry wine Timbrus Viorica De Purcari 2019

Moldavian white dry wine Timbrus Viorica De Purcari 2019
Moldavian white dry wine Timbrus Viorica De Purcari 2019
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Country: Moldova

Color: white

Sugar: Dry

Volume: 0.75

Grapes: Viorica

Manufacturer: Timbrus Purcari Estate

Region: Stefan Voda

Stylistics: Fresh, very aromatic white wine from the autochthonous (unique, growing only in the area) Viorica grape variety. In the aroma there are flowers and white fruits, basil, in the taste - melon, garden fruits (apricot, green apple, pear) and citrus fruits.

An excellent wine that will surely appeal to all white lovers and will be an excellent accompaniment to seafood, soft cheese, fruit desserts.


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