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Georgian dry white wine Askaneli Prima Chardonnay-Rkatsiteli

Georgian dry white wine Askaneli Prima Chardonnay-Rkatsiteli
Georgian dry white wine Askaneli Prima Chardonnay-Rkatsiteli
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The unique dry white wine from Askaneli is created from two famous grape varieties: French Chardonnay and Kakhetian Rkatsiteli, harvested in the company's vineyards in Kakheti. The peculiarity of this powerful drink is the innovative use of French methods of vinification, assemblage and aging of wines. The uniqueness and originality of the rainbow of aromas and the perfect balance of this noble wine delight professionals and lovers of rare premium wines. Prima Chardonnay-Rkatsiteli is the result of great enthusiasm, high professionalism and creativity of our team. For the production of a unique drink, all the key details are provided: vine care, control of the quantity and quality of grapes during harvest, fermentation and aging in oak barrels using the Burgundy method, and the most scrupulous process is the careful selection of the proportions of two wines for Bordeaux assemblage. Light golden win


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