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Ukrainian green peas Chumak, 420g

Ukrainian green peas Chumak, 420g
Ukrainian green peas Chumak, 420g
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Preservation allows you to save almost all the nutrients and vitamins in green peas. The vegetable is successfully used to prevent the development of kidney and liver diseases, as a prophylactic against beriberi.

Green peas contain a large amount of vegetable protein, which is almost completely absorbed by the body. The composition of the vegetable contains almost all B vitamins, retinol, ascorbic acid. In peas there is a rare vitamin K, which normalizes the functioning of the kidneys, promotes better absorption of calcium, and improves blood clotting.

The main trace elements are sodium, potassium, selenium, zinc. Green peas are recommended for use in diabetes and atherosclerosis. The presence of vitamin B1 in peas allows you to use the product to strengthen the nervous system, eliminate stressful conditions. Peas are recommended to be included in the diet of children to improve mental activity

Country of Origin: Ukraine

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