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Tula gingerbread with filling "Boiled condensed milk", 140g

Tula gingerbread with filling "Boiled condensed milk", 140g
Tula gingerbread with filling "Boiled condensed milk", 140g
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Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, water, caramelized cream milk filling 11.6% (milk, skim milk, skim milk powder, sugar, milk fat with a fat content of 72%, palm oil fully hydrogenated, sunflower oil fully hydrogenated), egg melange, margarine (vegetable oils (palm, sunflower, soy), water, emulsifier E471, salt, acidity regulator E330, aroma, dye E160a), honey, baking powder: E503, E500, aroma, acidity regulator E330.

Energy value: 380 kcal
Fat - 7.7%
Saturated fat-3.8%
Sugar - 30.5%
Salt - 0.21%

Country: Russia


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