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Tatar chak-chak with honey Tamle, 300g

Tatar chak-chak with honey Tamle, 300g
Tatar chak-chak with honey Tamle, 300g
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Chak-chak is a traditional oriental sweet, especially popular among the Turkic peoples. Made from light dough, deep-fried and filled with honey. This crunchy and appetizing delicacy has a rich sweet taste. It has a delicate texture, literally melts in your mouth. Traditionally, chak-chak is served with tea; children drink it with milk or kefir.

Ingredients: premium wheat flour, vegetable oil, honey, egg, sugar, salt

Energy value: 460 kcl

  • Fats - 31%
  • Proteins - 4.9%
  • Carbohydrates - 40%

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