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Ukrainian jelly sweets Roshen "Crazy Bee", 200g

Ukrainian jelly sweets Roshen "Crazy Bee", 200g
Ukrainian jelly sweets Roshen "Crazy Bee", 200g
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Mix of jelly candies with fruit fillings based on juices with flavors: orange, grapefruit, cherry, red berries, lemon, lime and strawberry
Ingredients: syrup, sugar, water-retaining agent sorbitol syrup, gelling agent carrageenan, acidity regulators (mixture of lactic and citric acids, sodium citrate), modified starch thickener, flavors, beeswax glazing agent, dyes (Anthocyanins, Paprika extract, Titanium dioxide Beta-carotene , Curcumin, Indigocarmine), concentrated juices 0.1% (cherry, orange, strawberry, lemon, grapefruit, cranberry.
Nutritional value per 100 g of product:
  • proteins - 0 g;
  • fat - 0.2 g;
  • carbohydrates - 79.4 g;
  • energy value: 318 kcal.

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