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Green tea "Azerchay", 100g

Green tea "Azerchay", 100g
Green tea "Azerchay", 100g
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Azerchay green combines original Azerbaijani weakly fermented varieties. Each of these drinks has unique, inimitable flavor and aromatic characteristics, determined primarily by the origin of the raw materials. It is collected in the two main tea-growing regions of Azerbaijan - Astara and Lenkoran. An ecologically clean environment, excellent natural conditions, fertile soils and a favorable climate contribute to the accumulation of a large amount of essential oils and valuable substances in the tea leaf. After careful processing, mainly by hand, they are all preserved in Azercay green tea. This drink is of high quality, bears the imprint of the bright colors of the Land of Fire and has a lot of useful properties.

Azerchay green contains vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals and rare nutritional compounds. This variety perfectly relieves thirst, has healing and rejuvenating effects, activates the body’s natural defenses, which helps resist the flu, tones and improves performance.

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