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Borjomi mineral water in a plastic bottle, 1l

Borjomi mineral water in a plastic bottle, 1l
Borjomi mineral water in a plastic bottle, 1l
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Borjomi is a mineral water of volcanic origin. Saturated with natural carbon dioxide, it is able to rise to the surface without the help of any pumps from a depth of 8-10 km with a warm stream (t. 38–41 ° C). Passing through the rocks of the Caucasus Mountains, Borjomi is enriched with a composition of 60 different minerals.

Numerous studies indicate that the mineral composition of Borjomi has not changed since 1830 - since the beginning of constant laboratory observations. And today Borjomi mineral water is identical to that which was first bottled at the first factory of Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov at the end of the 19th century. Mineral water "Borjomi" is an invaluable gift of nature. Thanks to its unique complex of minerals of volcanic origin, it gives strength, inspiring new achievements and enhancing the pleasure of every moment of life.
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