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Steinhauer dried chopped dill, 100g

Steinhauer dried chopped dill, 100g
Steinhauer dried chopped dill, 100g
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Dill has properties that are very beneficial for the human body. In particular, a large number of essential oils gives it the excellent property of normalizing metabolism. Dill is also used to normalize the functioning of the digestive system. Moreover, due to its rich vitamin composition, dill decoction is recommended to be given even to infants. Even dried dill contains a large supply of vitamins from group B, as well as A, C, E, K, PP.

Another advantage of dill is the significant amount of elements it contains (calorizer). It is a true storehouse of iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and calcium. They are indispensable for the body. And regular consumption of dill, both fresh and dried, can easily compensate for their deficiency in the body.


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