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Sea buckthorn nectar with pulp Ararat, 0.97l

Sea buckthorn nectar with pulp Ararat, 0.97l
Sea buckthorn nectar with pulp Ararat, 0.97l
Sea buckthorn nectar with pulp Ararat, 0.97l
Sea buckthorn nectar with pulp Ararat, 0.97l
Sea buckthorn nectar with pulp Ararat, 0.97l
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Ingredients: concentrated sea buckthorn puree, granulated sugar, drinking water.

The leaves, pulp and oil of sea buckthorn have beneficial properties, which are due to the rich composition of the plant:

1. Vitamins. It is not for nothing that sea buckthorn is called a “vitamin bomb”, because this berry is the leader in the content of effective antioxidants. Sea buckthorn pulp includes the entire palette of known vitamins - A, B, C, H, E, PP, K.

2. Beta-carotene. The fruits of the plant have a rich red-orange color, which is due to the content of a natural pigment - beta-carotene. This provitamin has a beneficial effect on the work of the sweat and sebaceous glands.

3. Tannins. Phenolic compounds are endowed with astringent properties that stop inflammation and bleeding.

4. More than 20 trace elements. Salts of calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium and other minerals are also responsible for the benefits of sea buckthorn for the body.

5. Organic acids. Oxalic, tartaric and malic acids in the composition of unique fruits provide optimal conditions for the digestion process.

6. Pectin. This complex carbohydrate is an indigestible dietary fiber that cleanses the walls of the digestive tract from toxins and toxins.

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