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Salted lard Keller "Ukrainian white" in a vacuum package, 270-294g

Salted lard Keller "Ukrainian white" in a vacuum package, 270-294g
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Salted lard Keller "Ukrainian white" in a vacuum package, 270-294g
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One of the traditional products on the table of the Slavic people is salted fat. It is known that the Germans love to eat a piece of boiled bacon with potatoes, while the British and Americans use it with bacon. However, only in a salty form, lard has a beneficial effect on human health.

Salted fat, its benefits and harm to the body cannot be overestimated. It turns out that the composition of this product includes the average daily rate of animal fats, which is essential for a person to fully live. It has been proven that salted lard contains such fat-soluble vitamins as A, D, E, as well as such an important component as selenium.

According to statistics, Russians and Ukrainians in 80% of cases suffer from a lack of the latter substance. That is why salted bacon is the best source of silene, which helps fight antiviral bacteria and infections. Considering that this product is always harvested together with garlic, its beneficial properties are only enhan

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