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Model: IB17144
Mustard oil Sarepta "Traditional" is a delicate taste and delicate aroma of real mustard oil, made using traditional technology - cold pressing. Mustard oil is healthy and versatile in cooking; it has a smoke point of more than 200 °C, so it is equally suitable for preparing both cold and hot dishes...
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Model: U281028
In addition to vitamins A, D, E, the oil also contains Omega-3 acids that are beneficial for the body, which are also included in fish oil. They normalize blood pressure, reduce heart rate and help dissolve cholesterol plaques on blood vessels....
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Model: 70110
Natural aromatic sunflower oil Zateya is produced according to the "first pressing" technology. The oil undergoes "mild" refining, preserving natural vitamins, traditional taste and aroma of living sunflower seeds. No preservatives. Ideal for sauces and salad dressings....
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