Ta-dam! We already have > 1000 followers on Instagram!

Thank you very much! It's really cool to realize how from zero subscribers and customers we were able to come to 1,000, get to know many of you in person, with others - by correspondence and through orders, and with many of you at our events.

We continue to work at the same pace and even faster than before. At the same time, bringing you high-quality goods at prices cheaper than in alternative stores!

To confirm this, we even suggest:

1) Find lower prices than ours

2) Send us the proof in the form:

    a) product photo 

    b) its price tag

    c) store address 

And we will give you 10% discount on any of your orders !!

Please note that the product must be completely identical that is, be exactly the same in weight, type, manufacturer, and so on.

We are waiting for your reactions and we will go to the next stage - 2.000!