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Ukrainian mayonnaise Shchedro table "Lviv Premium" 80% fat, 318ml
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Model: 45212
A very tasty mayonnaise that will become a favorite for the whole family! Ideal for hearty salads, meat and vegetable dishes, canapés and sandwiches!...
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Model: 45103
Mayonnaise "Ryaba - Classic Olive" is completely made from natural ingredients - eggs and spices. The taste and quality of the product are preserved thanks to a unique recipe and innovative technologies. Does not contain artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and GMOs....
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Model: 45102
Ingredients: Sunflower oil 67%, water, sugar, acetic acid vinegar, egg yolk powder, table salt, thickener E415, acidifier: lactic acid, Citric acid, whole egg powder, preservative E200, complexing agent E385, flavor, dye E160a...
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Mayonnaise Maheev "Sour cream", fat content 50%, 380ml
Model: 45031
Mayonnaise Maheev "Sour Cream" - an amazing combination of the piquancy of mayonnaise and the tenderness of sour creamIngredients: refined deodorized sunflower oil, water, sugar, egg yolk, corn starch, table salt, vinegar from food raw materials, sour cream, preservative - sorbic acid...
Ex Tax:2.74€
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