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Cod roe Lemberg, 100g

Cod roe Lemberg, 100g
Cod roe Lemberg, 100g
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Cod roe is a unique natural source of calcium, potassium and zinc. In terms of its most valuable nutritional properties, cod roe is not inferior to red and black caviar, and is much cheaper. Practically free of carbohydrates, rich in proteins, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants. The taste of cod roe is pleasant, delicate with a slight bitterness. Great for salads, snacks and sandwiches, cod roe is a delicious and healthy addition to your daily diet.

Ingredients: Cod roe (Gadidae), salt, sorbic acid

Catch area: North Pacific

Shelf life: up to 1 year if stored permanently at temperatures from 0 ° to + 6 ° C


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