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Adjika, sauces, ketchup

Model: U101424
Green Tkemali Spicy is used as a seasoning or sauce for meat and fish dishes....
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Model: L5465
Ingredients: drinking water, tomato puree 35%, sugar, apple puree, dried vegetables in different weight ratios 5% (paprika, onion, garlic), table salt, acidity regulator: (acetic acid), parsley, pepper, chili pepper extract. May contain: mustardEnergy value: 89 kcalFats - <0.5%Carbohydrates - 20%...
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Model: L7110
Ingredients: tomatoes 65%, drinking water, ground horseradish 6%, sugar, garlic powder, table salt, modified starch, dried paprika, acidity regulator: (acetic acid), herbs and seasonings, preservatives: (E202, E211)...
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Model: 33189
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Model: U111314
Ingredients: Tomato paste, sugar, salt, coriander, dill, garlic, spices, garlic, sweet pepper, acetic acid, E211....
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Model: U108271
Satsebeli is a famous Georgian sauce made from ripe tomatoes with Caucasian spices and hot pepper. It goes perfectly with meat and poultry dishes....
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Model: U104360
Spicy tomato sauce with garlic and horseradish Leis "Cobra"...
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Model: U174084
Fresh tomato sauce Satsebeli is prepared according to the classic recipe. This is a delicious homemade sauce....
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Model: 43202
Composition: Tomatoes 33%, water, garlic 10%, horseradish 7%, hot pepper 6%, tomato paste 5%, rapeseed oil, thickener E1422, salt, acidity regulator citric acid, preservatives E202, E211.Shelf life: 730 daysEnergy value: 63 kcalFat - 2.3%Saturated fat-0.2%Carbohydrates-7.6%Sugar-2.6%Salt-1.5%Country...
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Model: 32756
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Model: L7112
Ingredients: tomatoes 40%, tomato puree 15%, sugar, table salt, paprika, dried carrots, dried onions, dried garlic, chili peppers, herbs, stabilizer: modified starch, acidity regulator: acetic acid, preservatives: (sodium benzoate, sorbate potassium)...
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Model: 43222
Ingredients: tomatoes (30%), hot pepper (10%), horseradish (8%), tomato paste (5%), vinegar, garlic (3%), thickener E1422, salt, acidity regulator citric acid, preservatives: E202, E211.Shelf life: 730 daysEnergy value: 36 kcalFat - 0.3%Saturated fat-0.1%Carbohydrates-5.6%Sugar - 2.7%Salt-1.5%Countr...
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