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Adjika, sauces, ketchup

Tkemali Georgian Marneuli red classic, 330g
Model: U111288
Ingredients: tkemali, sugar, salt, coriander, dilim garlic, red pepper...
Ex Tax:4.58€
Tkemali Georgian Marneuli green classic, 330g
Model: U111287
Ingredients: Tkemali, Sugar, salt, coriander, dill, garlic, flea mint (ombalo), red pepper, savory....
Ex Tax:4.58€
Spicy vegetable seasoning Marke Nr.1 "Hrenovina in Kherson style", 285ml
Model: 43033
Hrenovina made of horseradish, like many other seasonings that have stood the test of time for centuries, is a very healthy thing. Improves appetite and digestion, “accelerates the blood” (that is, promotes faster metabolism), strengthens the immune system - especially when paired with garlic...
Ex Tax:2.74€
Model: U104360
Spicy tomato sauce with garlic and horseradish Leis "Cobra"...
Ex Tax:2.74€
Model: U108271
Satsebeli is a famous Georgian sauce made from ripe tomatoes with Caucasian spices and hot pepper. It goes perfectly with meat and poultry dishes....
Ex Tax:5.50€
Model: 43222
Ingredients: tomatoes (30%), hot pepper (10%), horseradish (8%), tomato paste (5%), vinegar, garlic (3%), thickener E1422, salt, acidity regulator citric acid, preservatives: E202, E211.Shelf life: 730 daysEnergy value: 36 kcalFat - 0.3%Saturated fat-0.1%Carbohydrates-5.6%Sugar - 2.7%Salt-1.5%Countr...
Ex Tax:1.98€
Model: 43130
Ingredients: chili 65%, garlic 17%, salt, acidifier E260, preservative E211, spices.Shelf life: 730 days in a cool, dry placeEnergy value: 52 kcalFat-1.5%Saturated heat - 0.4%Carbohydrates-5%Sugar-4.2%Salt - 12%Country: Netherlands...
Ex Tax:3.02€
Model: 43110
Ingredients: pepperoni 86%, salt, E260 acidifier, E211 preservativeExpiration date: 730 daysCountry of Origin: Netherlands...
Ex Tax:2.28€
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