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Face mask, 1pc
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Mouth mask, 50pcs.
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Beer "Baltika №3" 4.8% alc...
1.32€ 1.43€
Ex Tax:1.09€
Beer "Baltika" № 7, 5.4% alc...
1.55€ 1.88€
Ex Tax:1.28€
Capelin caviar "Russian Sea" with shrimp, 165g
+4 -6 %
Weight: 165gComposition: salted capelin caviar 42% (capelin caviar, salt), sunflower oil, water, boiled shrimp 8% (shrimp meat, salt), sugar, egg yolk..
2.99€ 3.19€
Ex Tax:2.74€
Alcohol 11.5%Volume 0.75lShelf life: 720 daysCountry of Origin: Ukraine..
13.49€ 15.49€
Ex Tax:11.15€
Curd cheese with vanilla "Morning" 34% fat, 100g
Hot -20 %
Fat 34%Weight: 100gIngredients: cottage cheese, sugar, vanilla 5% (sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, flavors, colors: beta-carotene)Shelf life: 240 daysC..
0.95€ 1.19€
Ex Tax:0.87€
Glazed curd cheese with boiled condensed milk 45g
Hot -11 %
Глазированный творожный сырок с варёной сгущёнкой 45 g..
0.49€ 0.55€
Ex Tax:0.45€
Glazed curd cheese with nuts 45g
Hot -11 %
Глазированный творожный сырок с орехами 45 g..
0.49€ 0.55€
Ex Tax:0.45€
Glazed curd cheese with pieces of jelly 45g
Hot -7 %
Глазированный творожный сырок с кусочками желе 45 g..
0.55€ 0.59€
Ex Tax:0.50€
Glazed curd cheese with poppy seeds 45g
Hot -17 %
Глазированный творожный сырок с маком 45 g..
0.49€ 0.59€
Ex Tax:0.45€
Glazed curd cheese with vanilla 45g
Hot -11 %
Глазированный творожный сырок с ванилином 45 g..
0.49€ 0.55€
Ex Tax:0.45€
Energy: 335kkalFats 3.3%, incl. saturated amino acids 0.3%Carbohydrate 64.8%Protein: 11.5%Country of origin: Ukraine..
2.09€ 2.19€
Ex Tax:1.92€
Weight 500gIngredients: sugar, wheat flour, oat flour 13%, palm oil, water, toasted pumpkin seeds 4.5%, toasted sunflower seeds, raisins, disintegrant..
1.69€ 2.09€
Ex Tax:1.55€
Rye bread "Borodino" 350g
Hot -5 %
Weight 350gIngredients: natural sourdough (rye flour, water), wheat flour, water, rye malt, sugar, glucose syrup, salt, coriander seeds, potato starch..
1.50€ 1.59€
Ex Tax:1.38€
Ingredients: common salt, dried vegetables 15.5% (carrots, onion, onion, celery, parsley), flavor enhancer: (monosodium glutamate, inositol disodium),..
2.39€ 2.99€
Ex Tax:2.19€
Seaweed Salad "Sakhalin", 200g
+4 -21 %
Weight: 200gIngredients: seaweed (Japanese kelp) 62%, drinking water, onions, sugar, canola oil, salt, citric acid, spices, preservatives: E211, E202,..
1.10€ 1.40€
Ex Tax:1.01€
Sour cream 22% mass fraction of fat, 200g (17.07)
Hot -10 %
Mass fraction of fat: 22%Weight 200gShelf life: 30 daysEnergy: 222kcalFat: 22%, including saturated amino acids: 12.6%Carbohydrates: 3.4%, incl. sugar..
0.99€ 1.10€
Ex Tax:0.91€
Sour cream 30% fat, 380g
Hot -29 %
Mass fraction of fat: 30%Weight: 380gShelf life: 35 daysEnergy: 292kcalFat: 30%, including saturated amino acids: 18%Carbohydrates: 3.1%, incl. sugar:..
1.39€ 1.95€
Ex Tax:1.28€
Ingredients: sugar, eggs, vegetable fat (palm fat, sunflower oil in various proportions), wheat flour (14.9%), skim milk (12.3%), glucose-fructose syr..
1.39€ 2.49€
Ex Tax:1.28€
Sunflower seeds fried "From Martin" with salt
Hot -3 %
Weight 200gIngredients: 95% sunflower seeds, sea saltShelf life: 180 daysCountry of Origin: Russia..
2.80€ 2.89€
Ex Tax:2.57€
Vanilla curd cheese with caramel flavor, 45g
Hot -17 %
Weight 45gIngredients: mass 81% (fat-free cottage cheese 54%, butter, sugar, vanillin flavor), caramel glaze 19% (sugar, vegetable fat, skimmed milk p..
0.49€ 0.59€
Ex Tax:0.45€
Country of Origin: Germany..
1.79€ 1.99€
Ex Tax:1.64€
Зeфир "Лянеж" бело-розовый ароматизированный..
2.69€ 2.89€
Ex Tax:2.47€
2.69€ 2.99€
Ex Tax:2.47€
Ingredients: prepared artesian water, sugar, tarragon infusion, citric acid regulator, sodium benzoate preservative, colorants: tartrazine, glossy blu..
0.99€ 1.29€
Ex Tax:0.91€
Face mask, 1pc
New -44 %
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