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Pastila Belevskaya classic, 200g

Pastila Belevskaya classic, 200g
Pastila Belevskaya classic, 200g
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First, the apples are baked in the oven, then the skin is removed and the pulp is separated, which is beaten with sugar and egg white. The air mixture is baked in layers as thick as a lady's finger in the oven, smeared with egg white, connected together, cut to shape and rubbed with powdered sugar. Pastila takes on the appearance of a sweet loaf. Then kept in an oven at a low temperature for impregnation for 8 hours. The whole process takes more than two days and it turns out a delicacy that tastes sweet and sour and melts in your mouth.

In 1888, the industrialist and merchant Ambrose Pavlovich Prokhorov, on the basis of folk recipes, which he summarized, received his own recipe for marshmallow. Belevskaya pastila quickly won its first prize at the horticultural exhibition in St. Petersburg, becoming one of the favorite treats of the royal family. Belyov pastila began to be bought willingly in many cities of Russia, and also exported to high-ranking persons in France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Holland, England and many other countries.

Ingredients: apples, granulated sugar, egg white

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